Idea for R* - Painting Sponsors and Race Bonus (from gtaforums and gtanf communities)

Hi Rockstar and players,

I've got an idea to make more money and more diversity in paintings.
Add Paintings Sponsors for sportives, supersportives and customs cars (Primo, Penumbra, ...). If you choose a Painting Sponsor, you're able to win a bonus (GTA$ or RP) if you win the race.

Or they can add an editor like for Crew Logos and add ingame with Social Club to share with other players.

Exemple :
A Chrome Adder win 5000$ for a race
A Sprunk Adder win 5000$ +20% for a race

At my first idea, I was thinking than if you lost races, you could receive a malus.
And if their is a team, that could give others a 10% bonus from team sponsor.

Exemple (without taking care of bets) :
1. Race win 5000$ (sponsor egochaser : +20% on 5000$) = 6000$
2. Race lost 4000$ (sponsor : sprunk : -10% on 4000$) = 3600$
3. Race lost 3500$ (sponsor : no sponsor) = 3500$
4. Race lost 3000$ (sponsor egochaser : +10% on 3000$) = 3300$

But maybe just a RP bonus is more equal.

We can unlock this sponsors by doing some activities in the game like for an Egochaser Sponsor and buying them on a fake Crappy Sponsorship Website.

Buy 5000$ at Egochaser chocolate bar to get an extra 5% GTA$ bonus on classic race (example).

Travelling 200miles in a cab and you unlock an extra bonus of 5% GTA$ on rallye race with the Downtown Cab Co Sponsor (example).

Their is a lot of more details and pictures of painting sponsors and a fake website on this topic I made on GTAFORUMS for English :

And here on GTANF community for French :

Some youtubers gave me their support too so we are a lot of people who cares about this simple and good idea.

Help me by showing your support too and maybe we will see some real race cars in the streets of LS.


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Thank you xJoseywales, I already send an email but more we have view on it, more it could happen. ;)

dje_la_planque 0 votes

@Gagemb9918</a> Man I remember when this idea was first thought of haha

Yeap! We had done a good job and now it's time to show this to Rockstar!
Nice to see you here to support it!

dje_la_planque 0 votes

This would boost my interest in the game, all I do now is to customize cars and race, and this would make it deeper and more enjoyable. great idea!

Dyr_gl 0 votes

New items to unlock. And new things for existing cars. two great ideas in one. Hope will consider this post.

Good job, @Dje_la_planque.

oldlude 0 votes

Thanks all to your support!
With all DTM cars that Rockstar implement, we definitively need it!!!

I'm glad to see that after a month of people enjoying this on forums, you still support it here!

Also you can send it to Rockstar too.

That's not just my idea but our idea for our game !!!

dje_la_planque 0 votes

Just awesome! All my friends talking about it! When does it come??!!
Great and popular idea, which make a large range of posibilities. Again, awesome dude!

Vitali147 0 votes