Audio Dialogue Problems

I'm sure someone can help/has had this problem?
There is a problem when i can't here anything that anyone is saying, as if they're ghosts that you can just about here but yeah. People have been saying to verify the game's cashe so i have but it says it say one missing files and will be replaced but it doesn't replace it or download anything...
Any help?
Thanks a bunch


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What could help is launching Steam as an Administrator. If that doesn't work, remove the game and redownload it. Make sure to remove the game completely. Back up any saves if possible.

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Please submit a request and attach your dxdiag and msInfo for us to review:

To get these files:

1) Press the Windows key +'R' on your keyboard > Type dxdiag > Click OK > Click Save all information

2) Press the Windows key +'R' on your keyboard > Type msinfo32 > Click OK > Select File and then EXPORT and save the file as a text file(*.txt)

When you create your support ticket select the "attach file" option under the comments box to attach the files to your case.

Once we receive this information, an agent will research your issue and respond back.

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