Grand Theft Auto V loading issue

So ever since the update to 1.09 i have had the problems of loading the game, then after that i couldn't play the game at all, i did everything that has been said and done and i still have this problem, and i have other friends who are getting the same thing going on with their GTAV, but when it comes to other games they play, Rockstar please look into this cause im sure thousands and more are having this problem ever since the release of the 1.09 Patch, and no its not my PS3 cause 1 of my friends bought another PS3 and GTAV it still does this problem so please Consider looking into this Asap.


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The problem already dates as of patch 1.08. You could start it up fine, but doing a Load Game of any save file later on would result in the game freezing during the loading screen. This has gotten worse since patch 1.09 when not only a Load Game later on in the game would make it freeze, but also occasionally during startup.

Rockstar has always claimed its our fault: scratchy disc, faulty consoles, corrupted files. While there have been plenty of threads providing the temporary solution and real issues: disconnect from PSN, disconnect console from internet, uninstall patch 1.08/1.09.

Chances are after the above mentioned maintenance the game will at least load again. However, the Load Game issues (and occasional loading of the game during startup freezing issue) will remain.

At least, until Rockstar wakes up and realize that is PSN/Internet/Patch related...

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