Dirty cash

around Christmas I was given $106 million from a scumbag hacker (PSN: "TooLilBoosie-"). I immediately took out my tank to grief him. He had god mode on so I was juggling him in the air for a while till his friends took me out with grenades. While using the ingame reporting function to report him my console frooze up.
I have given all the money to my 2nd character to look after for now. I would make a ticket to report it and have the cash removed, but I'm sure Rockstar are overwhelmed with these requests. And I know it's all getting sorted out with the 1.09 patch.
What should I do? Ask Rockstar to remove it before the patch thus maybe adding to their work? Or just wait for the patch which might make it seem like I have something to hide and want to keep the money? As the cash is in my 2nd characters pocket it's not causing me much trouble. But I do want it removed with the patch.

ModBusters Answered

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Thanks for your report. Appropriate action has been taken on the account you reported, and as long as you are not cheating yourself you do not have to worry about being banned or added to the cheater pool.

All modded money will be removed automatically along with our upcoming fix to the game.

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Just wait for the patch, a request probably won't get a response before the patch is ready anyway.

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