Player Made Content Pool

As of this writing there are close to 800.000 jobs made so far for the XBOX and a similar amount for the PS3. Everywhere players are desperatly spamming their jobs in order to try and get some plays, only those with youtube channels seem to succeed.

Having been pretty active myself trying to find the gems that fellow players have made, I've come to the conclusion that adding spammed jobs are no indication of value and that finding value through the socialclub website is near impossible as it's pretty cumbersome getting past the first 100 jobs that you've allready screened.

The numbers clearly indicate that players love making these jobs, but looking through them it is also clear that almost everyone struggles to get plays.

The jobs that have gotten verified by Rockstar all have youtube promotions behind them. The quality of those jobs varies (some solid contreversy about some of them).

As such I would like to ask Rokstar to consider adding a Player Made Content Pool and lobby system.

Player Made Content Pool

Create a player content pool that works like the normal job voting screen but require jobs to qualify for that pool:
1). Jobs need to have 10 positive votes
2). Jobs need to have 10 plays

If both conditions are met the jobs qualify and are added to the Player Content Pool, all jobs that meet the following requirement are then reviewed by Rockstar:
1a). Jobs that have over a 1000 votes
1b). Jobs that have over a 1000 plays

Jobs that reach either target (1a or 1b) but without getting a high enough rating are automaticlly removed from the player content pool and thus don't qualify for getting certified, then can still be played as bookmarks but arent part of the pool anymore.

Upon entering the pool all the job stats are reset. Also jobs that are in the pool are unable to gain plays and votes from direct play, only votes and plays gathered through the pool count.

At every 100 plays or votes the job gets automaticlly removed from the content pool if it has a rating below 60%.

Player Made Content Lobby
1). Can be joined from the map from specific markers placed at landmarks
2). Can be joined from the Online menu

A). Join joins a random open spot
B). Host gives option to limit amount of people from 2 to 16.
C). When on the start job screen players will be added from the join pool untill host set limit is reached.
D). After a new job is voted for players will be joined up to the max from the join pool untill the host either launches or times out the wait.

A system like that would make player content easily accessible for all players, instead of having to go through the same jobs over and over till you find something interesting to add, making it hard to find fun content. But it would also force players to actually play and test their jobs before spamming crap to everyone. It will also propel those jobs forward that are the true gems, thus making life for Rockstar a lot easier as well. Win-win for all involved it'd say.

Even with this system in place, players should still be able to announce their jobs like they are now in order to get the 10 plays and votes needed for the job to qualify and simply because they want to play their job if it's in or out of the pool. If it's in the pool votes don't count though.

Please create us a Player Made Content Pool and Lobby system seperate from the Rockstar and Rockstar verfified jobs system in order to make the player made content accesible.


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I appreciatte the positive feedback from everyone guys! I really hope Rockstar has read this idea as it seems to get flooded by all the other <cough>requests<cough>, and I hope they can free up some budget and resources to create this.

DrAtomic1 0 votes

Yes! Please! Make it easy on yourself, Rockstar. Instead of spending time reviewing hundreds of creations, let the community do the hard work for you. Make an on-call pool for player-made jobs, and let it run like the other QuickJob searches. When something gets liked a bunch of times and rises to the top, then you have it easy. Just review the jobs with the most likes and pick out the ones you want to Verify. So far it seems like the only people who get verified are well-known YouTube channels, while quality jobs with thousands of likes go completely unnoticed.

Sonicstingray 0 votes

I really like this idea, it would be great for creator contests aswell.

I hate playing verified content because they suck, but a system like this could seriously help rockstar to find the quality creations.

RentedH1tm4nBen 0 votes

I was thinking about something like this for some time, didn't realize someone made a post on this over a year ago 0_0.
Totally agree about what you said about current verification system. The jobs are usually decent, but makes a big deal out of it. In the end re jump races all you play is few moover and over again. It doesn't really provide variety and the system definately doesn't "give the community a chance to get noticed" or whatever. If you don't have a big youtube channel, it's very hard to get verified, get plays, let alone play your own job, especially in free-aim lobbies. Plenty of great jobs just sit out there in social club with 4 plays, one like and 2 dislikes just because you gave yourself a like, one kid disliked, because he lost, one kid left mid-game (this automatically counts as a dislike for some reason) because his team was loosing and your teammate didn't bother voting.

I don't quite understand what you mean in Player Made Content Lobby though.

How I would see this, volunteer players have option to join a "player created jobs test lobby" where random jobs (which have been qualified to be in the content pool and were submited by the creator) are being played. They would risk wasting their time playing poorly-made jobs and filling polls, but would for example get 10% cash and rp extra from playing the job. It would attract some players to test the jobs and scare off with polls immature players. After the job, players give the job a like/dislike (or maybe scale-based rating system would be working better in this case?) and have to fill a poll to choose a reason(s) why they liked/disliked (ie. unbalanced or troll/grief deathmatch) a job or maybe give a suggestion to improve a job (ie. there may be a well made, balanced deathmatch, but some spawn points are facing walls). When a job gets, as OP said, for example 100 votes or 100 plays and its rating is over 70% it gets certified, and goes to voting screens in player job lobbies, or if it has some suggestions that hold them back from getting certified, it goes to the creator, who has the chance to improve his/her job. Then it goes back to test lobby, where testers can confirm that the job has ben improved/fixed.

DamnYokel 0 votes