GTA 5 Just Does Not Work!

This might be a little long of a post…but I feel that it needs to be said.

So I basically sent an email to Rockstar already. I have an older PS3 like a lot of other people. I picked up GTA 5 the day after the release. Not one problem. Smooth sailing.
Best Buy, like other stores have a 30-day return policy. After that, you're pretty much on your own. Maybe a month and a half into the game, after the policy is up, constant freezing on around the same parts of Trevor's submarine mission. Thought nothing of it maybe just the game got too hot, need to clean the disk, etc. I'm a senior in high school so at that time (September-November) I was working on college apps, so I wasn't too into the game. Didn't wear out the disk, spent maybe 2 hours playing at max.

Then soon I try online mode. Constant freezing there during the credits. After multiple restarts and character creations, I FINALLY get to play online. Completely smooth, No problems.

Then I try story mode again. Freeze. So I just resorted to free-roaming to learn the game a little. Then the next day nothing loads. No story, no online, nothing.

Call up Playstation. Tell me to delete my data files and try rebuilding the database and the other choice which I can't remember right now, but I believe it was choices 3 and 4 in the safe menu. That works for maybe 15-20 minutes? Call them up again and they tell me I might need to restart my whole system! …w..t..f..

Sooooooo I search online. Does Rockstar have an answer?
Rockstar: "It's basically either YOUR system or YOUR disc."
Okay I get it so I bought a brand new game that was working fine when I got it. I basically had no time to scratch the disk and I'm not trying to be boastful, but I just don't treat my disks like..crap. Unless my system scratched it from the inside? But there is no visible scratch on it. AND I've had a scratched disk before (used game) and it always got stuck on the same scene no matter what. In this particular case, the freeze would happen a little further or a little ahead in the story.

My system runs fine with EVERY other game. So why is it that ONLY GTA 5 has the problem?

Then I went on to delete the GTA 5 save files. I can do it over again, whatever works at this point. Yolo swag right? Didn't work.

I gave in. I reset my system to factory settings (like a fool) and have to restart 20+ campaigns over again. Did it fix GTA 5? NOPE. I'm now stuck on the first mission and I either freeze, get stuck in a free-roam or get so promisingly far for it to freeze once more. I've gotten as far as the race with Franklin's friend, for it to freeze there. That doesn't seem far at all, but for my situation it's VERY far.

So now what Rockstar? Do I give you another $60.00 adding up to $120.00 for another copy telling you that it's okay to rush production? I've heard about the rumors that GTA 5 had record holding pre-orders in 2013 and that they pretty much gave out a few unfinished products. Some people couldn't even install their copy.

You have dedicated customers already. Grand Theft Auto is a very mainstream title, and I'm no business owner, but I'm pretty sure that completely shunning your audience and pointing the finger at others for your mistakes isn't how you run a business. So you needed a little more time to produce a reliable product? Say that. We all saw the release date change like seasons, literally (Spring 2013, oh wait never mind November, no September). It's not a very serious issue, after all it is just a video game, but I paid money for this video game. I want it to run how I paid for it to run. Make enough sense?

AND ANOTHER THING! If I were to give in some more and replace my PS3 system or copy of GTA 5 for PS3, there are rumors that it might come out for the PS4. So if that happens, not only will I waste money, but I'd waste money for no reason since I plan on getting the PS4 anyway!

Rockstar, come outta your hiding spot and say something.
That's all I have to say. I commend you if you read the whole thing. Thoughts? Comments?

Fixes that didn't work for me:
1) Switching from 1080p to only 720p
2) PS3 Safe Mode Choices 3 and 4
3) Resetting PS3 to Factory Settings
4) Re-installing
5) Messing up missions on purpose


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