gta 5 online dns server

Me and my friends was playing gta 5 online and a guy made every one in the lobby a lot of money of cash over to 500,000,000. I was looking up the news of what is going to happen when the next update comes for gta online. I heard roomers about rock star is going to ban people off line that are using the DNS server. And I heard that your going to de rank every one that was not using the DNS server but got a lot of money from the issue.
Rock star pleas do not de rank any one or me that got a lot of amount of money from hackers just take there money out of there bank. I worked so hard to me ranked 1 to ranked 51. I hope that you under stand from the issue that ever one is having right now.


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rockastar plz dont ban me i geted aloot of money im rank 7 and my friend hack he is rank 978 or 1000 i dont know but he i gived me trillion sory for my bad english im croatian

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y DID u take out dns sever just lit people have fun it relly just a game lit people have fun man};

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