Grand Theft Auto V 1.09 Patch Notes (or what it should be)

Here is what 1.09 SHOULD include...

  • Players now have the option to accept or decline money.

  • Players searching for missions by choosing "Quick Job > X type of job," will be placed in X type of job. For example, if Billy Bob searches for a "mission," he will be placed in a co-op mission, not a capture, TDM, or versus mission.

  • Improved matchmaking for 'capture' gamemodes when a player searches for a 'capture' match in "quick job."

  • Player's blip will turn red on the free roam radar when they have a bounty

  • Players can choose whether to join a Bad Sport lobby or the current lobbies. If the player destroys other players' personal vehicles in the bad sport lobby, they are protected from points being added to their bad sport record. Players who voluntarily enter bad sport lobbies can leave bad sport lobbies for normal lobbies when they feel like it.

  • Players who CHOOSE to go to a bad sport lobby will NOT have to wear the dunce cap. Players can join their friend who is a bad sport in a bad sport lobby.

  • Decrease the amount of points needed for bad sports, meaning we lower the hypothetical limit from lets say 10 cars to 5 cars. (Remember, if you feel like going on a rampage destroying cars, you can CHOOSE to go to bad sports lobby and return once you get the rage out of your system.)

  • Players in Bad Sport lobbies who were INVOLUNTARILY PLACED in the lobby can NOT choose their lobbies, they will have to stay in Bad Sports until their time is up.

  • The Bad Sport lobby is renamed to "Anarchy" lobby.

  • Tanks have less protection from players purposely trying to send them to bad sports. (the tanks now have a choice to go to a bad sport lobby and go on their griefpage.)

  • The minigun only loses 10% of the maximum possible ammo count instead of all ammo if the player dies while using the gun.

  • Players can choose to make their mechanic 'happier' by paying him extra in daily mechanic fees. In return, he will be more likely to deliver your car to you and he will not mind as much if you keep calling him to bring your cars to you.

  • Players can only use the "Reveal Players" function once every 5 minutes.

  • "Reveal Players" time is decreased by 50% of the default.

  • Players can now call Lester to be immune from "Reveal Players," for a 'small fee' of course.


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I absolutely love all of these options, except I don't think their should be a bad sport, I like the idea but don't like how it works. You become a bad sport for defending yourself, how is that fair? A good sport should be able to blow up other players cars without being punished.

12verjef 0 votes

Am actually hope that implement less protection for tank after they fix the hacking issue. Should make it that you can only get a tank from the military base and you only can get 1 once a while.

TRSChaosz 0 votes

FIX the time out location session and unknown network errors.. get the online network working good. not fun anymore playing online.

thecobra666 0 votes

I would also like to see these changes

Cops can only impound your vehicle if you are killed by a cop, not if you kill yourself while having a wanted level

An setting to automatically launch story mode or gta online upon loading the game.

During connection errors, the ability to try to join another server, not go back to story mode.

Fixes of survival glitches
-Enemies no longer go out of boundary where you have to go out of bounds to kill them
- Ability to jump and hide of roofs
- Enemies cant shoot through walls
- -Note there is a wierd glitch that while enemies you running, you can shoot them but they wont die, unless they stop running or get shot in the head.

Improvement to reduce lag in Races and Deathmatches.

Separation from versus missions and missions from gerald,simeon, and etc...

Mechanic will deliver your vehicle to the road closest to you.

Players cant kill someone in Passive Mode,including explosions and cars.

Tanks can only be spawned/retrieve from the desert or the military base

Add more weapons to Ammu-Nation, like the Molotov

Ability to rob any stores, including strip clubs, clothes stores, and etc.

Ability to purchase multiple garages/apartments or ability to have more garages

More apartments

A throwback to SA
Ability to rob homes

Ability to go inside anyone apartment, not the room itself, somewhat like the mission in GTA IV

An in-game video editor like the one in GTA IV

TRSChaosz 0 votes

I agree with these, also it would be nice if they could finally give us a commissioned JB 700 for online and SP. I'm getting sick and tired asking for this. They don't even think how much extra fun could be added to the game by giving us a commissioned JB 700 with functioning gadgets from the SP missions. I mean I don't see any point to let us only use the gadgets in the car for only 2 missions and then slap us in the face by giving us a decommissioned version. There's lot of OP vehicles online like Rhino, Buzzard, Annihilator that can rape you good but asking for them to give us a commissioned JB 700 is apparently too OP. Joke of the year.

Colt_KingCobra 0 votes

They should also add:
-Ability to turn off the incoming calls on your phone from NPC such as Gerald, Ron, Lester etc...
-Add an option to desactivate the auto lock-on with the buzzard's and lazer's missiles on police and army vehicules when you have a wanted level

Deikiell 0 votes

some ideas :D
unavailable killing in passive mode because when I fight other slay me with weapons
opportunity to purchase multiple properties
robbed of everything houses, shops, everything
more races deathmatch mission
more vehicles because they already are a bit tedious, I would have liked trochw newer sports cars'

PoLiShBiThEs 0 votes

I would like to buy houses, rob any store, new custom items, and to own an apartment and 1-2 more garages.

MDboy1 0 votes

Rockstar I did something dumb, I tried that dns server thing, and now everytime I go on online, it keeps timing out, any help,after me posting this, people will be hateing on me but dont bother, I made a mistake

ItsMatty_Bruh 0 votes

Il y a pas longtemps, je suis tomber sur une partie de cheater. Et quand je suis arriver, ils m'ont monter du niveaux 52 à 123 et il m'ont donnait de l'argent. Bien sur la je suis dégoûter si rockstar me banne. Ils me font quoi dans se cas ?

MrFlamboyant57 0 votes

I think added to this should be, players who owned a Rat-Loader get their money back or car back, this car wasn't modded or glitched and says Muscle on the car not utility, and is in no way the tow truck

IJPointerI 0 votes

Like everything that your adding, but you should also try to add in some pets( dogs and cats), and a pet shop to buy them at( or a website)to make the game more fun and realistic.

Warlord326804 0 votes

Can u guys put some car meets and drift races, rally races and drag for the people who like car meets

jdm_danos10 0 votes

*Very planned out heists
*Passive mode improvements
*New cars
*Larger Crews
*More people in a session
*No bans over 2 weeks
*Banned players should be aloud to play in a banned lobby.Instead of not playing at all

Damon36 0 votes

They should add something that every gamer wants to do in GTA Online:
-The ability to rob banks
-The ability to have pets
-Add some exercise machines or something to make your player stronger
-Add more weapons in Ammu-nation
-Add more missions
-Add more cars to free mode

-Repair the dns, some people start giving money to other players who spend real money to buy credit cards and people who really work hard to make money, if you have lot of money the game it will be boring, you will forget how exciting it was the game ( just to get money)
-Make the guns and the Ammo cheaper because you play a lot of missions or activities and you waste all the money you get buying more ammo or buying weapons,
-Make more apartments for Dynasty 8
- Improve apartments, add a jacuzzi or something else that really entertains player
-Add new cars
-When an error occurs add the option to search for another session instead of going to the main story
-Add new Characters to the Online story
-Update servers
-Add new activities like poker, blackjack, shows, video games, swimming races etc.
-The ability to decorate your department
-The ability to decorate your garage
-Add more clothes
-The ability to enter your building (not to your apartment)

GivenSpade76 0 votes

I'd like to have:
A armed JB 700
More cars
More missions
Be able to Have more than one property
Individualise properties
More Money in missions
Repeat button for missions
A clip recorder and editor for clips to upload to YouTube for example

Patbouay 0 votes

I really like the first and last suggestions but mainly hiests need to be included in this patch, also its getting so ****ing boring having all this money, there should be an option to drop this dirty money in sacks like the amoured trucks then leave a sticky bomb on top lol.

HERBALI5T 0 votes

Oh yeh I would also like to see more classic vehicles from 80's and 90's like Renault Five GT and Nissan Pulsar there are not many fast little hot hatches in GTA atm

HERBALI5T 0 votes