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Why Won't My Mechanic Answer My Call?

I had a day when I didn't have enough money to pay my Apartment Service charge or my mechanic at the time when payment was due.
I immediately went and did a few jobs and secured $25k.
I have subsequently not seen the notice to inform me that the fees have been paid, but my shower & television work in my apartment, so I can only assume that the charge has been paid.

However, since this happened my mechanic will no longer answer his phone.
He was always pretty much useless for delivering cars, he would ring back 90% of the time & say he couldn't make it & I'd have to ring him back 2 or 3 times before he'd actually deliver, but now he won't even answer his phone.
It has been happening for the last 3 RL days, during which time I have played a good few hours of online.

Every time I call him I go through to his voicemail.
Is there some time period that needs to be waited?
I assume that if he's not working for me then I should not have to be paying the $50 per day fee for the services that he is not providing?
How do I get him to start delivering my cars (using the term loosely!)?


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if you have paid your fees again and he still won't deliver it probably a game glitch but that's not happened to me but if it doesn't work sorry i don't know.If he says can't get to you it sometimes means that he can't drive to where you are.