Rockstar can you find out who's using bots to down vote me and ban them? proof. or a no life stalking me making accs. (recorded with screen cast on ticket)

AlexSniperBullet Answered

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Generally when you ask people to upvote your posts they downvote instead. Also you have made multiple posts and topics complaining about being downvoted before which is just encouraging others to downvote you.

Soundwave_v5pt0 11 votes

Don't you have anything better to do than complaining about people who down vote you on a support forum?

InSanitable 5 votes

this is only my second from the weeks ago.. and people who down vote me or using bots just hate me because i'm always right about something. and if voting is pointless. voting this down isn't gonna stop a moderator.

AlexSniperBullet -22 votes

Also. if these votes are legit. there would be more comments then the votes.
i've been on a lot of community forums since 2007 and i know when i see a faker :). enjoy your night.
i know you didn't watch my video because you didn't say one thing about the person stalking me. so someone here is trying to avoid being suspicious

AlexSniperBullet -11 votes

Saying you're "always right about something" is an easy way for people to see you're a douche bag. Why wouldn't people down vote you?. I just down voted you because you come off like a complete knob.

Momewrath 14 votes

How am i being right about something makes me a douche bag? do you want to encourage me to be one?

AlexSniperBullet -14 votes

I normally don't vote (with very few exceptions, where there are some VERY good points).

But I have to be honest with you.... I think it's a little corny, when the original poster sets his / her own comment as the Answer. I can't take that seriously (no offence). ;)

TazmanBaaring 5 votes

How the hell did you get a badge on this site? You're possibly the stupidest person with a badge I have seen as of yet. pointless video too, why would you record something so stupid? How the hell did this kid get a badge really? xD it's the internet, get use to the downvotes. You're getting them because of pointless topics like this. Your badge should be removed for stupidity. I am going to start down voting all your topics and replies. I hope they never make people with badges into moderators, or you'd abuse the crap out of the delete button and delete everything you get butthurt on.

evilgood. 9 votes