Custom plate online

Ive tried on both my ps3 systems to get my custom plate thru to gta online, but it dont get thru.

Heres the strange part, my girlfriends does, even when we use the same phone. Dont get it why it doesnt work for some. Yeah its a small problem, but im really into the small stuff, it makes the game so special, like this plate I cant get.

Please rockstar, respond, even if u dont have a solution right know. I want to know why it doesnt work, or if it will work, or if theres any trick to make it work.

I dont want to spam, made a thread earlier where i mentioned this problem. Restarded the app, downloaded it again, logged in and out, waited for it to show, ive done everything I could find about this subject on the internet.
Please respond rockstar.



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Once you place the order, take the car you placed the order for to LS Customs. You can fit the plate then.

Afterwards, the plate will be available for any car you own as an option.

Brian B 0 votes

Thanks for the answer, but Ive tried that, did the same thing on my girlfriends account, and there it worked, I cant get the order thru to online, it says the order got thru, but nothing comes to my cellphone on gta online, or to the ls customs.

Fetkiss 0 votes

I just replied to a similar & will repost here.

I had this problem for ages, Turns out I was trying to customise my character's plate in slot 2 (I didn't have one in slot 1)

I made a character in slot 1 and played up until it says you are on your own, Sent custom
order for plate and paint job.
No text still so I quit the game and restarted, When I got back online my order had been done, plate and car had changed (no need to visit LSC this time for me).
So I changed to my main character (slot 2) and sent an order for a custom plate and I got a text almost instantly, All my car mod orders have worked online since.

Check that you are ordering for a character in slot 1.

Gnasher3i6 2 votes

Gnasher, thanks alot man! I will try this, i have one in only the slot 2, so this could be the solution for me 2, I will try, thanks again man!

Fetkiss 0 votes

Haha damn, it actually worked, thanks again, alot, saved my day, haha! Ive been so frustrated and clueless, and that it would be this simple to solve the problem was never on my mind. Thanks again!

Fetkiss 1 vote