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Hello Rockstar Games.
My idea is about GTA San Andreas, I really love this game and updated my PC to play in the best conditions but theres a problem, currently I play the multiplayer mod for PC and I play the competitive mode, A.K.A CTF mode. I believe I come here asking in behalf of the community to receive official support from Rockstar Games, wed like to have an official way to play GTA San Andreas online. Me and (I suppose) a lot of players would buy the game again if Rockstar offer us support. Just by typing in Google GTA SA:MP you would find a lot of videos, information, clans/ crews, tournaments, etc. The game is currently a bit old but there are about 20000 players per day, the problem is that some of them don`t play the competitive mode, most of them play Role Play mode. Well... please take this in consideration.


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I've seen GTA San Andreas for a long time. It's even going downhill for while now. Though I don't play it specifically.

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