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[Updated 6/15/15] Update on GTA Online Cheaters and Modded GTA$

Update 6/15/15: As part of our ongoing commitment to combat cheating and griefing, we have recently implemented new systems to allow us to more efficiently detect and target any players found running mods and cheat programs within GTA Online. As a reminder, any attempt to tamper with the behavior of GTA Online by installing or executing mods, scripts, or other exploits, modifying the game files or manipulating the game in any way while it is executing will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to time in the cheater pool, bans and potential suspension of your account. Please help maintain the integrity of the GTA Online experience by keeping sessions free of modifications and exploits.

Original Q&A Section Posted January 2014

Question: I heard GTA Online cheaters were causing large amounts of modded GTA$ to transfer to innocent players over the past few weeks. Is Rockstar Games aware of this, and what is being done?
Answer: We have received complaints over the past few weeks about cheaters gifting large amounts of GTA$ to others, setting bounty rewards outside game limits, or otherwise attempting to tamper with the GTA Online economy. We have deployed several hotfixes to prevent this type of activity, and will be adding further cheat protection in future Title Updates as well. Players who willingly cheated to create this illegitimate influx of in-game currency will be separated out from the rest of the population. If you were the unwilling recipient of an impossibly large amount of GTA$, you do not need to worry about disciplinary action against your account. However, please be aware that we will be making community-wide automatic adjustments to players’ account balances to remove the modded money.

Question: I was minding my own business and suddenly received a huge amount of money in GTA Online from a cheater. Am I in trouble?
Answer: To keep the gameplay environment as fair as possible for legitimate players, we routinely do sweeps to separate out cheaters and modders, and to reverse any illegitimate transactions. These sweeps are based on in-game automated detection, examination of suspicious gameplay statistics, and also manually-reviewed evidence submitted by the Community. If you were not engaged in any willful cheating or exploiting yourself, you do not need to worry about getting caught up in our work to separate out cheaters from the rest of the population.

Question: Do I need to report to Rockstar Games the fact that I was given a huge amount of modded money I didn’t want?
Answer: No, you do not need to report this. We are able to tell the difference, automatically through gameplay data, between the cheaters and the players who received this money innocently. Players who were willingly cheating are notified about any action taken against their account. If you were not cheating, you do not need to do anything further.

Question: Are you able to remove the money given to me by a modder if I contact you directly? Should I just wait for the community-wide adjustment?
Answer: We are unable to accept individual requests for GTA$ removal. However, we will be making adjustments to account balances for any players in possession of illegitimate funds.

Question: Regarding the account balance adjustments, what if I already spent some or all of the money I was given by cheaters? Or what if I transferred it to a second temporary character?
Answer: We have taken all of these factors into account when making account balance adjustments. If you already spent some or all of the modded money you were given, you may find that your account balance after adjustment is lower than it was before you received the counterfeit money. This is correct as you will be allowed to keep the items you bought.

Question: How did you calculate the adjusted account balance for each player who was in possession of modded GTA$? What happened if deducting the amount of modded GTA$ from a particular account would have resulted in a very low, or negative, balance?
Answer: The adjusted account balances are the result of removing modded money. If you already spent some or all of the modded money you were given, you may find that your account balance after adjustment is lower than it was before you received the counterfeit money - this is correct as you will be allowed to keep the items you bought. Any unspent money from Shark Card purchases is also not affected. For accounts that would have been left with little or no GTA$ after correction, we added sufficient funds to continue playing and enjoying GTA Online, taking into account whether a player intentionally created and distributed modded GTA$ or received modded money innocently.

Question: My second character had money in his wallet that is now gone. I thought you were only removing cash from my current character. What happened?
Answer: The process of removing counterfeit GTA$ removes it first from a player’s bank account, then from any inactive character wallets and finally from the wallet of the active character. You can deposit cash in the bank via the phone, and can use the bank to transfer GTA$ between your characters at any time.

Question: What about the GTA$ that I purchased with Shark Cards?
Answer: Not to worry, any unspent Shark Card funds that you had in your account have not been touched. If you spent GTA$ after you purchased a Shark Card, you can keep the items you bought but you will not be reimbursed the Shark Card funds that you have already spent.

Question: I know of a way people are still trying to cheat by modding or exploiting the game. How can I report it?
Answer: If you have any information about methods people are still using to try to ruin the GTA Online experience for others, please refer to this article.

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