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[Updated 4/11/14] GTA Online Status -- Latest Updates

4/11/14: Adding on to the over 4 million player-created Deathmatches and Races, the Creator community can now make their own original customized Capture Jobs with the Capture Creator Update for GTA Online. Strategically place pick-ups, define weaponry, location and lots of other variables to make your own unique Capture Job for others to take on. We will also be reviewing your homemade Capture creations to stamp standout experiences as Rockstar Verified.  For more information, check out the full Newswire article.

4/2/14: Get ready for lots of exciting Grand Theft Auto Online updates to be added throughout the spring and beyond. Here's a brief rundown of some of the new content, features, and enhancements that you can expect to see barreling down the La Puerta Freeway in the months to come: Grand Theft Auto Online Spring Updates

3/14/14: GTA Online Rockstar Verified Jobs Update: 10 new additions by power users & collaborative crews. For details, please see:

3/4/14: Title Update 1.11 is now live. For the list of changes, see:

3/3/14: Enjoy the perks of rising through the ranks of your Los Santos and Blaine County business ventures with The Business Update, coming Tuesday March 4 to PSN and Xbox Live. For more information, check out:

2/25/14: We have received some reports from players in the Singapore area about Rockstar Cloud errors when trying to connect to Grand Theft Auto Online, and are looking into this now.  Please stay tuned to the following page for updates:

2/13/14: Valentine’s Day in Los Santos is almost here, and the Valentine's Day Massacre Special update for GTA Online is now available, featuring some surprise gifts for all you lovers and lotharios. This includes a variety of fun Valentine's themed extras for Story Mode and GTA Online like the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, the new Albany Roosevelt ride and a host of new attire options like double breasted suits, flapper dresses, sexy undergarments, novelty t-shirts, hats, masks and more. These items are all available to purchase in GTA Online right now until the end of February - and once acquired they're yours to keep in your inventory for good. For more information, see:  For the full patch notes, check out:

1/16/14: In recent weeks, a small number of Grand Theft Auto Online players sought to exploit the game by generating and distributing game-breaking amounts of in-game cash, disrupting the experience for other players. We will continue to issue hotfixes and title updates on an ongoing basis to counter the negative impact this has had on gameplay, and as part of today's maintenance period, we are removing the counterfeit GTA$ from the game's economy. Anyone who innocently received GTA$ as a result of these exploits but did not engage in cheating to acquire it will not face any further action - the funds will just be removed, and you'll be able to keep any items you currently own. Those who actively engaged in cheating and exploiting the game in this manner will, however, be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion. This may include being placed in isolated cheater pools or banned from GTA Online altogether. For more information and answers to frequently-asked questions about this process, please refer to:


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