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Freezing during GTA V installation

Question: I'm trying to install the install disc and it just freezes so I can't play. How can I fix this so I can install and play?

Answer: If you are having problems with frozen installs or error messages while the install disc in installing:

Xbox 360
  1. Delete any GTA V install data that is on the Xbox 360 storage device
  2. Clear the Xbox 360 Cache: System Settings->Storage->Highlight Storage Device and Press Y->Choose Clear Cache->Confirm
  3. Re-attempt the installation.
  1. From the XMB (system screen), go to (Game) > [Game Data Utility].
    Important: Make sure you select [Game Data Utility]. Do NOT select [Saved Data Utility], as this will delete all of your saved games files.
    2. Highlight the game data utility file (i.e., name of a particular game you have been playing) you wish to delete.
    3. Press the button and select [Delete].
    4. Highlight "Yes" and press the button to confirm the deletion.
    5. A message indicating the file is being deleted will appear.
    6. A "Delete completed." message will appear once the file has been successfully deleted.
    7. Once all of the files have been deleted, go back to the XMB home menu.
    8. Reboot the game.
If you are still experiencing the error, please try installing to a different memory device.   

If the problem persists for all memory devices, please try the disc in another console to confirm whether the disc or the console is the issue.
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