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Max Payne 3 Cheater Pool FAQ

Question: How will I know if I’m in the Cheater Pool?

Answer: If you know you have cheated and you find yourself either in empty lobbies or always matched with games full of other cheaters, you are likely in the Cheater Pool.  If you know for a fact that you never cheated—yet you are having trouble finding games due to always being put into empty lobbies--this could be due to connection problems.  In that case, we recommend the following article, which contains tips to improve connectivity:  Players in the Cheater Pool will also have stat submission blocked to ensure that only valid scores post to leaderboards. 


Question: What if someone reports me to Rockstar’s Banhammer but I didn’t do anything wrong… is there a chance I would end up in the Cheater Pool even though I’m innocent?

Answer: All of the reports to Banhammer are reviewed manually, and we only take disciplinary action when there is clear evidence and documentation of the offense.  Examples would include invincibility, infinite adrenaline, boosted XP scores, impossible in-game activity detected by our servers, or leaderboard scores that are impossible to achieve through legitimate gameplay.  If you feel you were placed in the Cheater Pool unfairly, please contact and provide your Social Club Nickname, Gamertag, or PSN ID along with a detailed explanation for why you think you might be in the pool.


Question: Can I be placed in the Cheater Pool for camping?  I was in a game and someone said Rockstar was going to ban me.

Answer: You will not be banned for camping.


Question: I was in a game and a player was using foul language and threatening other players.  Can Rockstar ban players for verbal abuse?

Answer: We do not have any way to monitor in-game chat or messaging that occurs on Xbox Live/PSN.  If a player is verbally abusive in-game, this is a violation of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Terms of Service.  We recommend muting the player, blocking them, and reporting them directly to Microsoft or Sony.  If you are being threatened or stalked and you believe that you may be in real physical danger, please contact local law enforcement.


Question: What happens if I am in the cheater pool and my friends are not, or my friends are in the cheater pool and I am not.  Will I be able to play with them still?

Answer: No.  Players who are not in the cheater pool cannot accept invites from those in the pool, and vice versa.  You will see an error message that says "incompatible data." 


Question: I admit it.  I cheated but I want to come clean and re-join the Max Payne 3 community.  How long will I be in the cheater pool?

Answer: We will post dates relevant to cheater pool and ban list revision on our Support Site:  If you are a cheater and we decide to take you out of the Cheater Pool, be careful – a second offense of this type will result in a permanent ban from Multiplayer and other online features!


Question: I saw a cheater!  How can I report him or her?

Answer: To report a cheater, email and provide:

  • Platform (PC, PS3 or Xbox 360)
  • Cheater’s Gamertag / ID
  • Description of the violation
  • Concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot


Please note that we may not respond personally to all cheater submissions through; please do not use this email for technical support or bug reports.  If you are having a technical problem in one of our games, please visit our knowledge base ( and submit a ticket if there are still any issues:


Question: I know a way to cheat.  Does Rockstar want to know all the details?

Answer: Yes.  If you have exact steps to reproduce any mods, exploits, or glitches that give players an unfair advantage in Multiplayer, please email and provide detailed evidence such as a link to a tutorial.

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