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[Updated 2/3/15] Max Payne 3 Patch Notes

2/3/15 PC Patch (v

  • Fix for activation issue following failed/canceled initial activation
  • Fixed an issue with auto sign-in that would cause the Press Start screen to be unresponsive
  • Improvements to matchmaking

4/16/13 (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC Patch v
  • Fixes for the most commonly reported crash issues
  • Achievements added to Steam for all DLC packs (PC Steam version)
1/22/13 (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC Patch v
  • Slightly increased the rate of fire and the accuracy of the IMG 5.56 and fixed an issue where it would occasionally jam between bursts (Console Only)
  • Fixed a reloading issue with the M24
  • Fixed an issue where the auto 9mm would sometimes change fire mode when toggling the laser sight on/off
  • Fixed an issue where the scope and laser attachments for the IA2 AR rifle would occasionally not work
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade indicators would sometimes not display correctly
  • Improved fix for instance of players occasionally getting stuck in cover during the single player campaign
  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally have trouble aiming using Southpaw controls in the single player campaign
  • Fixed an issue where certain users received an error message when selecting Social Club from the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue with signing up to Social Club in-game for Japanese users
12/4/12 PC Patch (v
  • Fix for playlists showing the % of full sessions as being over 100%
  • Added support for Painful Memories DLC

11/27/12: (Xbox 360 and PS3)

  • The Kill screen now shows what weapon and burst the enemy used to kill you
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally get stuck in cover
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally appear invisible
  • Fixed an issue where game modes could appear to be over 100% full
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally a Loadout slot could overwrite another Loadout slot at the start of a round of Gang Wars
  • Fixed an issue where a party would have trouble loading into a new game after a party member had left
11/15/12 PC Patch (v
  • Fix for the issue where there game would be in Japanese for players whose Windows language was not set to English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish
Past Patch Notes: 10/24/12 
Released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For PC users, this patch is
  • General improvements to multiplayer, improving overall stability and matchmaking efficiency
  • Added the option to copy one of your Loadouts into an empty custom slot
  • Fixed an issue where wins and losses were reported incorrectly on leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue where explosive kills were not working as intended in Arcade Mode
  • Fixed an issue where newly created Crews and Emblems would not always appear in-game
  • Fixed an issue where dual wielding the PT92 and .38 revolver and firing until the ammunition runs out could cause the weapons to jam
10/8/12 PC Fixes (v
  • Fix for issue with Chrome unlocks
  • Fix for issue where the Downloadable Content playlist would not show up for individual DLC owners who did not own the Rockstar Pass
  • Fix for issue where the game would be displayed in the wrong language
Past Patch Notes: Week of 8/13/12
Please note that patches may not go live in all regions and on all platforms simultaneously. The release date was the week of 8/13/12 for PS3 in Europe and 8/21/12 for PS3 in North America. Xbox 360 patch went live on 8/24/12.  On PC this patch is called "v"  To receive information automatically via email whenever there are updates, please log in to the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page.
  • Release of Payne Thresholds, a set of multiplayer challenges designed to reward players with bonus XP for accomplishing certain feats during a multiplayer match
  • The new Multiplayer Player Card, which allows you and your friends to track multiplayer stats including current amount of XP, total kills, favorite weapon and more.
  • New Automated cheat protection and lag protection measures.
  • Improvements to multiplayer load times
  • Players can now spawn with dual wield if they have two sidearms and no two-handed weapon equipped
  • Polish language support has been added
  • Party leader now has the option of taking entire party with them when they back out of a match
  • Weapon rank in the Arsenal is now visible on the left side of the screen, not just the right
  • The Crew menu is now available inside lobbies
  • XP gained for completing Grinds no longer contributes to rankings in Gang Wars matches
  • Improvements to the spectator camera in Gang Wars
  • Gang Wars wager system improved to better show betting results

 PC Fixes (v

  • Steam installation fix to reduce the chance of “Social Club UI Failed to Initialize(7)” issues when launching from the Play button
  • Fix for DLC content playlists not appearing in Steam SKU
  • Fix for compatibility issue that was resulting in “Received Bad Data from Host” errors
  • Fix for several code redemption and entitlement bugs that were preventing code redemption and access to DLC through the Rockstar Pass
  • Fix for “Age/Region” errors when trying to access the in-game Store using a Social Club country that did not match the IP address location
  • Fix for Vote Kick circles extending above and below the intended display box area
  • Fix for backspace in lobby chat not working properly

Past Patch Notes: 8/8/12

PC v

  • Addition of e-commerce features to support Local Justice release and in-game commerce


Past Patch Notes: 6/29/12

PC v

  • Fix for Unlimited Bullet Time cheat carrying over into other game modes
  • Fix for inaccessible game modes showing up in the Multiplayer interface
  • Various minor bug fixes


Past Patch Notes: 6/26/12

  • Multiplayer tuning, including spawn point tweaking, improvements to stability/load times and weapon balancing.
  • Reduction of Hardcore Playlist requirement from 5,000 to 1,000
  • Fix for gold textures not unlocking on DLC weapons
  • Fix for XP display not incrementing between Rank 49 and Rank 50
  • Fix for issue where game could autosave immediately before a death screen
  • Fix for Rank 50 trophy not unlocking
  • Fix for Unlimited Bullet Time cheat not unlocking

PC-Specific Changes

  • Improvements to game security
  • Various bug/stability fixes
  • MSAA white outline fix
  • Various multihead improvements
  • Text chat added to lobbies by default
  • Mouse acceleration setting added to controls menu
  • Aspect ratio setting added to the graphics menu


Past Patch Notes: 6/6/12

Compatibility Issues

* Fixed reported issues with needing service packs, compatibility with incorrect OS.

 Various Crashes 

* Fixed a range of issues which could have led to crashes on startup and in-game.

 Audio Crash

* Fixed reported issues of audio dropouts when no audio device was plugged in, or when the headphones/speakers disconnected while in game.

Mouse Sensitivity

* Fixed reported issues of mouse being sluggish, especially in prone and Shootdodge™. Increased top end range of mouse sensitivity, but kept the slider from 1-10, allowing the user more range in their sensitivity setting.

 Mouse Acceleration

* Fixed reported issues of mouse acceleration affecting aiming, included commandline option to disable mouse acceleration, -nomouseaccel (In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Mouse Controls menu).

 Stretched Image / Wrong Aspect Ratio

* Fixed reported issues of game locked in incorrect aspect ratio, or alt-entering and having incorrect aspect ratio. Added commandline option for locked aspect ratio as commandline option -aspectratio width:height  (ie. -aspectratio 4:3 / -aspectratio 16:9) In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Graphics menu.

 Video Memory Reporting as 0MB

* Fixed reported issues of the video card reporting having 0MB of video memory available.  Users unable to adjust Graphics options because of this (Also helps fix stuttering on some video cards)

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