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"Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted" when joining a Max Payne 3 game

Question: When I try to join my friend's Max Payne 3 game, it says "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted." Did I get banned? How can I fix this?

Answer: This message does not mean that you were banned.  If you are removed from a game session due to connection issues with other players, you will not be able to immediately re-join that same game because information about your incompatibility is saved with the host of the session.  This is most often due to one or more players having a Closed NAT Type (Type 3).  Usually this is caused by the router configuration, and a fast fix in many cases is to bypass the router box entirely and connect directly to the modem using a wired Ethernet cable.  This should make your NAT Type Open and improve your connection to online games.

Please note that the host of the game you were kicked from will have to reset his or her console to reset the blacklist.

For reference, here are the steps to follow

1. If you receive a blacklist error, the person who was hosting the game you got kicked from should reset his or her console.  If you aren't sure who the host was, everyone in the group can reset.

2. Each member of the group who wishes to play together can refer to the following article to check NAT Type and improve connectivity:

3. Once group members have made any changes necessary to improve connectivity, boot Max Payne 3 and resume playing Multiplayer.

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