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"Profile already linked to a different Steam User" in Max Payne 3

Question: After the Max Payne 3 DLC PC patch on August 8, 2012, I keep seeing "This profile is already linked to a different Steam user."  I do use have multiple Social Club accounts that might have been used on this computer at some point, but the main Social Club account used to register the game is no longer allowed to log in.  Help!

Answer: We are looking into an issue that may occur if one Social Club account has entitlement activation, but another Social Club account on that same computer somehow becomes linked to the Steam account.  In this situation, it is possible that neither account can log in because neither has entitlement to the key and the Steam link.

Please note that you will see "This profile already linked to a different Steam account" any time you try to log in on a Social Club account other than the one used to originally activate. Because the Steam version is permanently tied to just one user, this is as designed; however, we are looking into correcting this error message to account for cases where the Social Club account is not the owner and is not linked to any other Steam account.

If you are trying to log in to the Social Club account that originally registered the game, but you are seeing "This profile already linked to a different Steam user," please click Submit a Request at the top of this page and provide:

1. Copy of the Steam invoice

2. The Social Club nickname that originally activated the game

3. Any other Social Club nicknames that may have logged in on your computer

4. The activation code used to activate typed out

5. Screenshot of the activate code as seen when you go to Steam Library, right-click MP3, and choose "View CD Key."  Steam ID must be visible in the upper right of this screenshot

6. Your Steam nickname

7. Your Steam ID.  You can use a tool such as the following to find this: 

8. Confirmation that you have turned Auto-Login OFF in Max Payne 3.  If you have Auto-Login on and we unlink your account manually, the same problem will happen again the next time you sign in.

When this information is received, we can repair Steam entitlement on the back end for your account.

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