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[Updated 2/3/15] Links to Max Payne 3 patches & Social Club App

Question: I've tried all troubleshooting but the game won't patch properly!  I'm stuck when game tries to download a patch for Social Club!  

Question: I activated the game at an Internet cafe and don't have Internet to get a patch!  Where can I download the patch manually?

Question: Whenever I try to patch Max Payne 3 for PC, it says "error transferring files from Social Club servers." How else can I get the patch?

Question: The game was working before the latest patch, but after accepting the update, the game no longer launches at all. How can I re-apply the patch and make sure I have the latest version installed successfully?

Answer: Here are the links to the most commonly requested patch and update files for Max Payne 3 on PC:

Patches for Disc and non-Steam Digital (Steam is always up-to-date):


Social Club -- Latest Version:

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