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List of DirectX 11 support features in Max Payne 3 for PC

Question: What DirectX 11 features does Max Payne 3 support?

Answer: Below is a list of DirectX 11 features supported by Max Payne 3 on PC:

- Compute Shaders – HDAO/Blur
- Hull/Tessellation/Domain Shaders – Adding curvature to the character/vehicle models
- DX11 asynchronous resource creation
- DX11 self-managed resources. Provides system memory savings.
- Alpha Transparency Coverage Masks – When MSAA is enabled it helps the look of semi-transparent objects.
- Gather4 – Optimized Shadow Sampling / FXAA
- Geometry shader / Stream Output – Bokeh depth of field effect
- MSAA color/depth sub pixel sampling
- DX11 texture samplers

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