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What to do if you bought Max Payne but your Android/iOS device is incompatible

Question: I bought Max Payne but I didn't read the compatibility information on the purchase page.  Now I'm stuck with a game I can't play.  How can I get a refund?

Question: I bought Max Payne and got charged a bunch of times!  Help!


Android Market Payment Support:
Please click Submit a Request at the top of this page and provide the following pieces of information:

  • Order # in Android Market
  • Email address used on the Android Market account
  • Device model
  • Your country
  • Reason for refund request, if applicable

Amazon App Store Payment Support:
For assistance with transactions through Amazon's App Store, please contact Amazon Support: 

iOS/iTunes Payment Support:
Please refer to information on the following page for iOS purchase transaction support:
1. Log into iTunes.
2. Go to Store->View My Account.
3. Click on Purchase History.
4. Click "Report a Problem" button.
5. Click the arrow next to the purchase with which there is an issue and then click "Report a Problem" link.
6. Click on the Problem menu and choose the reason for the refund request.  If the reason is not listed, choose "My concern isn't listed here."
7. Type out in the comments box the reason you would like a refund. Be sure to briefly describe the problem and any compatibility concerns.
8. Click Submit.
9. Apple's iTunes Support will process the request as soon as possible.
Please note that Rockstar Games only has access to Android purchases.  All iOS payment-related inquiries should be directed to Apple.
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