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Improved Shipping Prices for Rockstar Warehouse Customers in the European Union

Question: I heard Rockstar Games has lowered Rockstar Warehouse shipping prices in Europe.  Tell me all about it!

Answer: To bring the best prices and most convenient shipping options to our worldwide fans, we have lowered shipping prices for Rockstar Warehouse customers in the European Union.  Here are the answers to some questions you may have.

What improvements will Rockstar Warehouse customers in the European Union enjoy?
Compared to shopping from the European Union before, Rockstar Warehouse customers in the European Union will experience faster delivery time and overall savings.

How do I know if I am in a region where these savings will apply?
The new shipping options are available for EU27 countries.  If you are not certain if your country qualifies, please check:

Will I have to pay customs and duties when shipping to the EU from within the EU?

Is the site checking my billing address or my shipping address when deciding whether I qualify for the new, improved, EU shipping prices?
Shipping Address. 

Will the site still be in English or will it show my language, if outside an English-speaking country?
The Rockstar Warehouse will currently display in English only, even for non-English-speaking countries.  Country-based localization and regional video game availability is on the roadmap, but we have decided to launch the new fulfillment center as quickly as possible so that European Rockstar fans may start saving money immediately. 

How do I know if I am shopping correctly to take advantage of these new shipping savings?
If you see the currency listed in GBP or Euros, you are shopping using the new and improved EU shipping prices for the Rockstar Warehouse.  The site should detect a location based on your IP address and display the correct version of the site.  

Why are the European product prices different from the US product prices?
There are three main reasons why the base European product prices are different from the base prices when the flag is set to somewhere in North America:

  • Inclusion of VAT/taxes in the EU product price: To comply with European consumer regulation, the price of the product we display must include the relevant VAT/tax amount.  For North American customers, the tax is added to the price of the product on a separate line, rather than being included in the sale price itself.  
  • Currency Exchange Rates: As with all global e-commerce, the relative cost of goods between North America and Europe may vary depending on the current value of British Pounds/Euros to Dollars.
  • Additional Processing Fees: Improving our processes for EU customers causes us to incur additional costs and ultimately affects the price of items sold in the EU.  Although the product prices may not be exactly the same as the exchange rate, the significant drop in shipping costs (along with speedier delivery times) greatly outweighs these new costs, resulting in overall savings.
What is VAT and why is this tax included in the product display price for EU customers?
VAT stands for Value Added Tax and it applies to the sale of goods and services in all member states of the European Union, as well as most other European countries that are currently not members of the European Union.  European Union VAT law prescribes a minimum tax rate of 15%, and rates vary between countries (as of 1 January 2012 these are between 15% and 27%).  The Rockstar Warehouse must comply with VAT law and is required to charge and collect the appropriate VAT amounts from you, which is then paid to the appropriate tax authority. In addition, European consumer protection law requires VAT and all other taxes to be included in the display prices of items available for purchase.

This cost stuff is confusing.  I need to see some examples of the new EU prices versus ordering to Europe before this announcement.

You can find information regarding VAT rates, ship-to countries, shipping methods and rates on the Shipping and Payment page by clicking on the Shipping and Payment link at the bottom of the Rockstar Warehouse page below Shopping Support. Please note that this page can only be accessed from an EU-country. 

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