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San Andreas Black Screen on Windows 7

Question: I'm trying to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Windows 7 and I keep getting a black screen, what can I do?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released prior to Windows 7, thus the game was not designed or tested on that operating system. If you are trying to play the game on Windows 7 and encounter a black screen, please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

- Set Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to run in Compatibility Mode

1.  Right-click the icon for the program.

2.  Click Properties.

3.  Click the Compatibility tab.

4.  Check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode".

5.  Choose the version of Windows the program was made for. For best compatibility, choose the latest Windows version the program was written for.  Check the system requirements for the program if you are not sure.

6.  It may also be necessary to check the box for "Run this program as an administrator."

7.  Click Apply and OK.

8.  Set Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to run as Administrator

9.  Delete .set file from your Documents\SanAndreas User Files folder

10. Open the Start menu, in the search box type "advanced system settings".

11.  One result will appear, click it.

12.  In the window that opens, click the Advanced tab, then the first Settings button

13.  Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, and click "Add..." to add an exception.

14.  Browse to your gta-sa.exe and select it.

15.  Click "OK" all the dialogs until they're closed.

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