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How to resolve issues with the Xbox Live downloadable version of San Andreas

Question: I downloaded San Andreas on-demand from Xbox Live and my game won't start!  It says "disc read error" even though it's downloaded, or just won't start.  How can I fix this?

Answer: We have identified several possible causes for issues that can occur when attempting to play the downloadable version of San Andreas from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Here is how to fix them.

1. Delete your San Andreas download from the HDD.

2. Clear the hard drive cache.

3. Download several other large demos to fill up some space on the HDD and then re-download San Andreas.

This fix can allow you to write the game to non-corrupt, non-fragmented portions of the hard drive if the downloaded game is giving disc read errors that suggest that data cannot be streamed quickly enough.

Also try saving the game to a different memory device to see if the game is unable to read from a particular hard drive.  

If the issue still occurs, please recover your Gamertag on a different Xbox 360 console and download the game from your account.  If the game works on a different console, this indicates a potential issue with your Xbox 360 hardware and we would recommend contacting Microsoft Xbox Support for further console diagnostics/repair options.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please log in to the Support Site and click subscribe at the top of this page.  When there is more information, we will update this article and you will receive an automatic email notification.

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