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Missing socialclub.dll error in L.A. Noire PC

Question: When I try to install L.A. Noire on my PC, I get an error that says "SC1: Missing dll. Please reinstall Social Club. (info: socialclub.dll)". How do I fix this?

Answer: Here are the steps to try if you are receiving a message about a missing Social Club library when launching the game.

First, try manually installing the latest version of Social Club from a direct link found here:

If that does not work, please try uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch.

1. On Windows 7, Click on the Windows Icon from the Start Menu then Click on Control Panel on the right side of the side of the menu.

2. In Control Panel, Click on Uninstall a Program.

3. Scroll down the list until you find L.A. Noire, select it, and click Uninstall from the menu bar.

4. Follow the same process for completely uninstalling Rockstar Games Social Club Application from the computer.

5. After you have uninstalled both programs using the above method, navigate to the following location: C\Users\(user name)\Documents\Rockstar Games

6. Inside this folder, delete both the Social Club folder and L.A. Noire folders (this may remove game progress -- if you had previously made progress, please make sure to back up any save files).

7. Once this has been completed, go through the installation process for L.A. Noire again. When doing the reinstallation, ensure that you are installing the game to the default directories.

If the issue still occurs and you are using the Steam version:  Verify the game cache on Steam to ensure that all of the necessary files are on your system.  Also run the Social Club installer manually from: steamapps/common/l.a.noire/3rd.

If the issue still occurs and you are using a non-Steam version

  1. Insert LA Noire DVD 1 in to PC Disc drive.
  2. In ‘My computer’ right click on the Disc drive and select ‘Explore’ (Win XP) or ‘Open’ (Win7).
  3. Navigate to the folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites\{46066852-8450-4988-9E2F-47C7A8A84C7E}’ and launch ‘Social Club Setup.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).

If the issue still occurs and you received a "patch failed" message previously: When a patch fails, it may be necessary to follow the directions on the following page in order to recover and re-attempt installation:

If the issue still occurs: please repeat the above steps after disabling or temporarily removing any anti-virus software you have on your computer.  There are some known conflicts with programs such as Norton, Comodo, and Kaspersky, which may result in necessary files being removed or quarantined. 

The missing Social Club DLL error will also occur for pirated or cracked versions of the game.  This is due to the fact that L.A. Noire must connect to the Internet to activate, patch, and install mandatory libraries to run correctly. 


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