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"nvd3d9wrap.dll" Error -- L.A. Noire PC crashing at launch using Nvidia Optimus

Question: I can't launch L.A. Noire because I use Nvidia Optimus on my laptop.  The game barely runs when it's stuck on the Intel Family HD card but when I try to run off the Nvidia card it crashes.  Is there any workaround?

Answer: Nvidia Optimus setups may require configuration to run. Based on the error reports submitted so far, it appears that Optimus setups sometimes run into an error on "nvd3d9wrap.dll" when launching L.A. noire.

It may help to manually install the required L.A. Noire software components:

  1. Insert LA Noire DVD 1 in to PC Disc drive (if using disc version).
  2. In ‘My computer’ right click on the Disc drive and select ‘Explore’ (Win XP) or ‘Open’ (Win7).
  3. Navigate to the folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites\{0BE9572E-8558-404f-B0A5-8C347D145655}’ and launch ‘vcredist_x86.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).
  4. Navigate to the folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites\{074EE22F-2485-4FED-83D1-AAC36C3D9ED0}’ and launch ‘dotnetfx35.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).
  5. Navigate to the folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites\{46066852-8450-4988-9E2F-47C7A8A84C7E}’ and launch ‘Social Club Setup.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).
  6. Finally, navigate to the folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites\ Microsoft DirectX Redist (June 2010)’ and launch ‘DXSETUP.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).
  7. Update your Nvidia video drivers.

Please refer to Nividia technical support for further information and Nvidia driver conflicts --

To manually update your Nvidia drivers:

  • Open the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Go to "Manage 3D settings"  page -> Global settings tab
  • Click on "Manage Updates"
  • Select "Get Updates"

This issue is still under investigation and we hope to have more information soon.  If you are still crashing on Optimus, log in to this Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of the article to be automatically notified via e-mail whenever there are updates.

Note: We have received some unconfirmed reports the issue may be fixed by:

  • Configuring a second (phantom) display device and setting L.A. Noire up so that the game runs on the display where the correct video card is active.
  • Rolling back the nvd3d9wrap.dll file to an earlier version by replacing the current file with a specific older library.
For more information about these user-reported fixed, please visit the L.A. Noire threads in the Nvidia Optimus forums.
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