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Supported controllers for L.A. Noire PC

L.A. Noire PC supports mouse and keyboard, Xinput controllers such as the Xbox360 pad, and a specific set of dinput controllers, including gamepads, joysticks and racing wheels.

All control types can be used interchangeably. For instance you can use mouse and keyboard for on-foot, then switch to a 360 controller or Dinput racing wheel for driving without having to change any options.

For mouse and keyboard and Xinput controllers the in-game help will update automatically to show the correct keys/buttons for the last control method you used. However for dinput devices mouse and keyboard prompts will be shown as there are no standard button designations for those controllers.

Please note: Only the first active Xinput controller (set to ID 1) will be used.

Supported dinput controllers will be auto-configured with a default control scheme. Below is a list of the controllers, along with their in-game ID numbers. You can use the ID number with the -joysticktype command line argument to force the game to use the control layout of a particular controller.

e.g. -joysticktype 1

This is useful when you have a controller which is not officially supported and detected by the game, and wish to use the control layout of a similar controller.

Please note this feature is not officially supported, and is provided for your convenience.

1 - DirectPad USB gamepad adapter

2 - SmartJoyPad USB gamepad adapter

3 - Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad Pro

4 - XK PC 2002 Gamepad adapter

5 - Dual Joypad Adapter

6 - Dual USB Force Feedback Joypad adapter (MP-8866)

7 - Kiky X series USB gamepad adapter

8 - Logitech Wireless Gamepad

9 - PSX for USB gamepad adapter.

10 - XBCD Xbox Controller driver

11 - TigerGame Xbox to USB adapter

12 - Xbox 360 Gamepad

13 - Logitech Dual Action Gamepad

14 - Logitech G25 Wheel

15 - Saitek P2500 Rumble Pad

16 - Saitek P2600 Dual Action Gamepad

17 - Saitek P380 Gamepad

18 - Saitek PS1000 Dual Analog Gamepad

19 - Saitek P2900 Wireless Gamepad

20 - Saitek P3200 Rumblepad

21 - Saitek R220 Wheel

22 - Saitek R440 Wheel

23 - Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro

24 - Medion Dual Analog Gamepad

25 - Generic USB controller

For more information about using command line parameters, see:

Known Issues

Problem: If you have an unsupported controller plugged into the game your view may rotate continuously, and some keys may be unresponsive.

Solution: Turn off controller support in the in-game menu, then quit and restart the game.


Problem: Saitek X52  -  Interferes with the keyboard controls in the game, even if controller support is turned off.

Solution: Unbplug the controller.




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