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L.A. Noire PC installation instructions

L.A. Noire Installation Instructions

1. (Disc version only) Insert the 'L.A.Noire' (Disc 1) into your DVD-ROM drive.  If the installer does not start, open your DVD-ROM drive folder and double click on the 'Setup' icon.

2. You will first need to install the Rockstar Games Social Club application.  Please follow the on-screen directions.  The installation of the Rockstar Games Social Club application is required to install and play L.A.Noire, but you are not required to create an online Social Club account to play the game.

3. Other components such as DirectX and Microsoft .NET and Visual C++ software will then be installed if required. Please follow the on-screen directions.  Links to these components are also listed separately on the following Support page:

4. Next, you will begin installation of L.A. Noire. Please follow the on-screen directions. until the the installation process is complete.

5. (Retail disc version) In order to play L.A. Noire you do not need the DVD in your drive.

6. Click on the 'L.A. Noire Launch' icon to start the game launcher.  You can use the game launcher to set the in-game graphic options using the  'Settings' button. You can also change these options in the game instead if you wish.  The launcher also allows you to change the game language and keyboard layout.  Available keyboards will depend on your windows localisation settings.

7. Click the 'Launch Game' button to play the game.

8. Once the game has loaded You will be prompted to enter your product key to perform a one-time product activation via the internet.  Please note that the game includes a release date check, and will not activate until the release date has passed.  

9. After activation L.A. Noire will download and install a mandatory patch which will require the game to restart. Please follow the on-screen directions.

10. Once the game is patched you will be asked to create a Social Club account.  Rockstar Games Social Club is a members-only destination for leaderboards, stats, tournaments, ongoing special competitions, virtual events, MP3s and more goodies associated with Rockstar titles. You may create an offline profile instead if you wish but this will not give you access to Social Club features.

11. If you have a DLC activation code you can enter it using the 'Downloadable Content' menu item on the main menu screen.

Note: Once the game and DLC is activated, and a Social Club profile created you do not need an internet connection to play the game.  However without an internet connection certain Social Club features will not be available, and the game will not be able to automatically download and install patches.

Note: During the L.A. Noire activation process you will be prompted to register with Rockstar Games Social Club. Please note that Social Club registration is not mandatory to play the game, but to experience the maximum functionality of L.A. Noire PC, including Social Club Awards, stat tracking and the Ask The Community feature we highly recommend that you sign up to a Social Club Account.

If you are experiencing any issues with installation or activation, please click Submit a Request at the top of this page and provide the details about your problem. Please be sure to prove any error messages along with information about your hardware setup. 

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