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Game Data/Installation errors on PS3 after downloading a Title Update

Question: I just got the latest patch and the next time I played the game a message appeared saying that there was a problem with the game data and a re-installation is necessary.  Everything is working but is this normal?

Answer: On PS3, game data is installed to the console the first time you play the game, or after recently clearing game data.  When a new patch is available, the download of the patch may interrupt the normal installation of game data and then the next time you start the game the game will prompt you to re-install.

This is normal and not a cause for concern.

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    I recently got a copy of L.A. Noire and when the game data was installing, it suddenly stops at a certain point. 

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    exactly the same here.
    i played it on my friends PS3 (which is a slim line one) and it was totally fine which made me go and buy the game as i rate it really good.
    and i got a copy a few days ago pre-owned (and i now know why) for £7 HMV clear out...
    and it will not install on my PS3 (80gb)
    i have the latest updates for the ps3,
    and its just gets stuck about 80% done.
    just under the AI in "please wait..."

    i have been reading up about this and obviously im not the only one,
    i have read there is an update via the PSN network, but my system has not alarted me of this when connected,
    is there any way i can download it and install it via a usb flash drive?

    if you need contact with me here is my email....

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    I just got L.A. Noire and it keep freezing on me

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    ok so i just got a NEW PS3 went to play GTA5 i installed all the updates when it was time to install the game from there on i cant play gta5 becuase the music stops playing and the bottom right numbers for the installing progress stops on a random number a dosent change from there on pleas help me rock star!!!!!!

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We have received reports of issues connecting to GTA Online and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience.