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PS2: Troubleshooting disc read and graphics problems

The Sony Playstation 2 has a number of variables that can be altered in order to troubleshoot graphics and/or CD read errors.

Ensure the disc is free of scratches and marks.  Use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe the CD in straight lines from the centre

1. Boot the Playstation 2 with no disc in the drive.
2. Highlight System Configuration, press the triangle button.
3. Highlight Playstation Driver and press the triangle button.
4. Try to toggle the disc speed between it's current setting and the other available setting (so if its set to normal, change it to fast, and vice versa). 
5. Exit back to the main menu then insert the game disc and try again. 
6. If it still doesn't work then Boot the Playstation 2 with no disc in the drive again and follow the instructions detailed in steps 2-3 but instead of selecting disc speed, select the option for Texture Mapping. 
7. Again toggle between the two available settings. 
8. Repeat step 5.

You can also try using the Automatic-Diagnosis feature.  (This is applicable only to games with a silver read surface)

1. Go to the main menu (again after booting the Playstation 2 with no disc in the drive).
2. Press the triangle button.
3. Highlight Console and press the triangle button again. This should give the option to turn the Diagnosis feature on or off.
4. Turn Diagnosis on and then press triangle button to return to the very first menu.
5.  Choose browse then insert the game DVD.  Select the DVD when the icon appears onscreen.

When contacting Sony or R* Customer support about a possible disc or console issue, please be sure to include answers to the following questions:

Does the PS2 play DVD movies correctly?
Does the PS2 play music CDs correctly?
Does the PS2 have issues playing any other games?
Does your disc have the same issues when tested in a different PS2 console? 

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