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How to block specific users from contacting you on XBOX 360

Question: How do I block a console user on XBOX 360?

Answer: If you are receiving unsolicited messages from users, encountered in one of our games, you can block them through the XBOX Dashboard to prevent any future communication.

  • Press the Guide button on the controller
  • Scroll down to 'Messages'
  • Scroll over to the 'Players Met' tab - it is the farthest one to the right
  • Select the offender
  • Choose to Mute the player
  • You can also 'Submit Player Review' to avoid this player in future games as well as 'File Complaint' to advise Microsoft of their actions.

This will permanently mute them whenever you encounter them online, regardless of the game.  By choosing to avoid them through the player review you will also decrease the chances of matchmaking putting you together in future matches.

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