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Issues with uninstalling or reinstalling PC games

Question: When trying to uninstall or reinstall the game, I receive an error message, or it tells me the game is already installed

Answer: Insert the game's install CD in the drive
Double click on my computer
Right click on the CD drive containing the game and choose explore
Check the disc for a setup.exe file and double click on it
This should start the install wizard and prompt you to uninstall the game.

If you continue to experience issues
Open My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:)
Open the program files folder.
Click on the tools menu then choose folder options
Click on the view tab and tick the box labelled "show hidden files and folders". Press OK
Open the installshield installation information folder
Search for a folder named


Right click on the folder and choose rename. Press the End key on the keyboard and type the word OLD. Press the enter key
At this point, refer to the manual for installation instructions

This will replace and overwrite any missing components that were preventing the game from being uninstalled or reinstalled normally

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    I want to remove a game in my gamelist. Because it's not my game and my bod friend registerd max payne 3 at first. I don't know how it got there Maybe i was logged in on pc and somehow and my boyfriend made a new social club login on his max payne 3 game. But i want it out of my library so my boyfriend Night1981 van play it. He is the original owner. His steam is night19812013. I already delete may payne 3 from my steam library.

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    What if I don't have the folder named "{F3856E7C-AD71-48E1-9A95-6D7E7FCB164A}", what should I go reinstall my games?

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    I dont have the setup.exe file what do I do?

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