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What to do if installation is failing on Max Payne for PC

Question: During the install the following error is displayed: "An installation file could not be installed."  What can I do?

Answer: Navigate to C:\Windows\Temp and delete all files in this folder.
Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\*Your User Name*\Local Settings\Temp and delete all the files in this folder.

You may need to turn on the ability to view hidden files and folders to do this. To do so, double click My Computer, then click Tools and Options. Then click View and select the option to view all hidden files.

Close all background applications currently running on the PC. To do this click Start, then Run, then type MSCONFIG and click OK. From there click on the tab marked startup.
For Windows XP users click the button marked as Disable All, then click Apply and Close.
For Non Windows XP users, please remove the ticks from all of the boxes apart from the below four and then click Apply and close.


Reboot the computer and then try installing the game again

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