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Max Payne 2 has been extensively tested in our compatibility labs. However, due to the ever changing PC specifications in the market, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with all systems. Here are some tips to improve compatibility in case you have problems:

  • Update your video, sound card and motherboard drivers with the latest versions available from your hardware manufacturer
  • Install the latest service packs for your operating system. They are available from Windows Update
  • We recommend that you disable virus checkers, screen savers, on-line chat programs (such as ICQ), music players (such as Winamp or Media Player) and generally close all background applications during installation and operation of the game
  • Verify you have at least 200 MB of free hard drive space for the Windows swap file after the installation of the game
  • Do not overclock your CPU or video card. Overclocking may cause system instability
  • Do not play on a system that is below the minimum specification
  • Restart the PC just before starting Max Payne 2



Here are a few performance tips to make sure Max Payne 2 runs optimally on your PC.

Tip 1: You should check that you have the latest drivers installed for your motherboard.

Here's a short list of sites where you can find suitable drivers for most common system configurations:

Tip 2: Please check that you have "AGP Texture Acceleration Enabled" in DirectX. Here's how to check if it's enabled:

  1. Click on your Windows "Start"
  2. Choose "Run..."
  3. Type: dxdiag
  4. Press "OK"
  5. Then when dxdiag has loaded, select the "Display" tab
  • Make sure that the "AGP Texture Acceleration" is ENABLED. If it's not, please enable it.
  • If it was disabled, and you have now enabled it, you should get a performance boost up to 50%.

Tip 3: Check that you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card. New drivers are available from your graphics card manufacturer.

Tip 4: Disable all background tasks and programs on your PC. They may consume precious memory and cause your computer to swap during loading or game play.

Tip 5: Defragment your hard drive. It may improve loading times.

Tip 6: Disable VSync in your graphics card control panel. With some cards this may increase frame rate.

Tip 7: Adjust detail levels in Max Payne 2 Options dialog.

  • If you have a Hardware T&L enabled 3D accelerator, make sure you have "D3D Hardware T&L" selected as the Rendering Platform
  • If you have an older graphics card, run in 640x480 resolution
  • If you still have poor performance, lower settings in the Options Dialog
  • Refer to the tool tips for more details
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