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Golden Guns reverting to their original colors in Red Dead Redemption after Title Update

Question: Why aren't my Golden Guns appearing in any of my save files after the Red Dead Redemption Title Update on 9/12/11?

Answer: We have received some tickets about Golden Guns reverting back to normal colors after today's Title Update and we are looking into this issue now.  If you own the Golden Guns DLC or unlocked them by using a pre-order code, please subscribe to this article to be automatically emailed with updates.

If you own the DLC (downloaded) version of the pack, please pause the game and go to Options->Config.  Below Southpaw, there is a new option to toggle Golden Guns on/off.

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    Update for 9/23/11: The issue with pre-order Golden Guns losing their color should now be resolved.  Please make sure you are connected to the Internet and signed in when loading your save file.  You will not need to download anything as the patch will be applied automatically.

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