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Being asked for a Rockstar Code after downloading and installing DLC for Red Dead Redemption

Question: I downloaded and installed Red Dead Redemption DLC. Why am I being asked for a Rockstar Code? Where do I get one?

Answer: If you are trying to launch DLC from the DLC screen that appears when you press Triangle button or Y button from the Main Menu, it may appear that you need a Rockstar Code to access DLC.

There is no need for a Rockstar code to play DLC that you have purchased and installed.  The new game features are added to existing Single Player and Multiplayer modes and/or launched from the Main Menu. 

For example, Multiplayer DLC packs will add new competitive modes to the Multiplayer games playlist.

To start a Single Player Undead Nightmare campaign, choose Single Player from the Main Menu and then choose Undead Nightmare.

If the game takes you back to the DLC screen at that point, check to verify that the content shows up as installed at the bottom of the screen.  If the DLC pack is not showing up, there are two possibilities:

1. The DLC did not install properly.
2. There is a region conflict between your disc and the DLC.

What to do if DLC is not showing up on PS3

Here are some things to check if DLC (downloadable content packages) is not showing up in-game on your PS3 after it has been successfully downloaded:

1. Check to verify that the DLC has been installed to the PS3, and not just downloaded in the background.  To do this, scroll to the Game Data tab in the PS3 XMB (System Software) and then select "Game Data Utility".  Then select Red Dead Redemption.  Look for any RDR content that needs to be installed, and then select it and choose to install.

2. Check to verify that the region of the disc matches the region of the DLC.  If your game's product code begins with BLUS, you have a Region 1 disk (US/North America).  If the product code begins with BLES, you have a Region 2 (Europe) disc.  If your product code starts with BLAS, you have a region 3 (Asian) disc. Downloadable Content is region-locked, meaning that it will only show up in-game if it matches the region of the disc.  If your PSN account is registered in a different region (based on the address you provide when signing up) from your disc, you will not be able to use the DLC with that disc. 

Note: Rockstar Games does not have access to administer Playstation(R)Network refunds or credit transfers in the event of accidental wrong-region purchases.  We recommend contacting Sony Customer Service directly.

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