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Information about playing the Undead Nightmare disc as a stand-alone game

Question: Do I need the original Red Dead Redemption game to play the retail disc version of Undead Nightmare? What content is included on this disc? Can I play with/against my friends who own the disc version of Red Dead Redemption?

Answer: The disc version of Undead Nightmare is a stand-alone game and can be played without owning the original Red Dead Redemption disc.  It includes the following content:

  • Undead Nightmare Pack (Single Player campaign and multiplayer modes)
  • Liars and Cheats Pack
  • Legends and Killers Pack
  • Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack
  • All Multiplayer Free Roam modes to date

Players with the Undead Nightmare disc can play with players who own the original Red Dead Redemption disc, as well as with other players on Undead Nightmare.

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