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5/8/12: Stats not updating/Problems accessing Social Club in Red Dead Redemption

Question: All of a sudden I can't access Social Club features in Red Dead Redemption or redeem my Rockstar Code. Is this a known issue?

Answer: We are aware of an issue starting on 5/8/12 with Social Club in Red Dead Redemption and we are looking into it now.  Among the reported issues are:

  • Choosing Social Club from in-game: “Encountered an error while accessing Social Club servers.  Please check back later.”
  • R* Code: “Validating R* Code…please wait”  -> Freeze on screen, then “Failed to connect to R* Code unlock server. Please try again later.”
  • Stats such as XP and Wins not updating on the server
  • Problems with Social Club challenges not appearing
  • Social Club Cheats not working
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Update for 5/12/12: The main issue with Social Club features in Red Dead Redemption has now been resolved.  We are looking into some outstanding reports about continued issues on a very small number of Xbox 360 Gamertags.
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