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Issues with GTA IV showing video cards with over 2GB as under spec

Question: I am using a GTX580, HD6990, or other video card with more than 2GB of dedicated video memory and GTA IV is treating my game as if my system were under spec by restricting my graphics options.  What can I do?

Answer: We have heard some reports that certain video cards with more than 2GB of video memory may be causing GTA IV to believe the system is under specification even though the computer is powerful enough to run the game with higher settings. 

We are in the process of looking into the issue and will update this page, if we can confirm the problem, as soon as we have more information about workarounds or a fix.

Possible workaround: 

Create a text file named ‘commandline.txt’ in the main GTAIV folder and put the following statement inside it:

-availablevidmem 2.0

If that doesn't work, try increasing the number to one of the following. 

-availablevidmem 3.0

-availablevidmem 4.0

-availablevidmem 5.0

-availablevidmem 6.0



Pictured: An example of how -availablevidmem 10.0 would look on your PC screen if setup correctly.  Important parts are highlighted in yellow.

Note that these command lines can be added immediately after the last quotation mark in the target parameter of the program shortcut.

  • Locate the shortcut to the video game on your desktop.
  • Right click the file and select Properties.
  • Under the shortcut tab, you will see an area that says Target, this will list the exact location of the file within quotation marks.
  • Modify the Target adding the command line variables after the last quotation mark.
  • Press apply and start your game via the shortcut.

If you are using Steam, please try:

Properties of game>Launch Options>Add: -nomemrestrict -norestrictions 

If the issue still occurs, please be sure to attach a DxDiag file to your ticket and also let us know how much VRAM is detected by GTA at the bottom of the Graphics page. 

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