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Independence FM (User radio) in GTA IV

Independence FM allows for the use of custom audio for Grand Theft Auto IV's radio stations.

For the first time ever, you can now select your own favorite songs to play through the in-game radio station Independence FM.

Simply place your non DRM'ed MP3s, WMAs, or M4As (or shortcuts to your music folders) in the file location below: My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\User Music

Note: Quicktime or iTunes needs to be installed for M4A support.

After accessing Independence FM as you would with any other in-game radio station, you will also have the following options in the Audio tab of the Pause Menu:

Scanning Modes
Enable Auto Scan - Set this to ON to perform a Quick Scan automatically on gamestartup.
Quick Scan - Reads the audio files within your folder, plays back exactly as they are in the folder.
Complete Scan - Reads the audio files within your folder, performs additional analysis to enhance user experience.

Play Modes
Sequential - Plays through audio files as they appear in your folder, can skip songs.
Shuffle - Plays through audio files randomly, can skip songs.
Radio - Plays through audio files randomly with radio adverts and DJ banter in between tracks, cannot skip songs.

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