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How to save game progress in GTA IV using an Offline Profile

Question: How can I save my game data if I do not have an active connection to the internet?

Answer: If you do not have an internet connection, but still wish to save your game progress, you still can!

Instead of creating and logging in with a LIVE ID and Gamertag, you will just need to create what is called an 'Offline Profile' first.

Note: You cannot use this profile to go online and log into LIVE at a later time, nor will you be able to track LIVE Achievements while logged in with an 'Offline Profile', so please make sure you understand this before starting a new game with one.

It is only advised that users who will never have an internet connection, or do not want to sign up for Games for Windows-LIVE use this method to save game progress.

If you need a detailed walkthrough on how to create an 'Offline Profile' to save your game progress, please check out ours at the following link:

Walkthrough for creating 'Offline Profile' to save game progress

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