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Issues with textures not 'loading in' on ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards

Question: Why is my game not drawing in a lot of the textures and causing objects to not be drawn?

Answer: There have been reported issues of textures not loading in while playing the game.  If you are experiencing graphical 'glitches' like no textures on objects or objects look partially transparent,  it may be associated with third party graphical performance tuners, recently switching Video Cards, and/or not uninstalling the previous drivers properly.

We recommend that users follow the steps below to resolve this:

  1. Go to 'Add and Remove Programs' within the Control Panel.  Scroll through the list of installed programs and look for any third-party driver performance tuners that may have been installed previously
  2. If you find any of these performance tuners open the application and reset driver values back to default.  This is very important!  Do not uninstall this program before you revert the changed values
  3. Now close the program and uninstall it
  4. Go to 'Add and Remove Programs' within the Control Panel.  Scroll down the list of programs and remove any program with NVIDIA or ATI in the name
  5. Reboot your machine
  6. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card from one of the following locations: NVIDIA or ATI
  7. Run GTA IV

If your textures are still not loading in, then you may have residual files from uninstalled drivers left on your machine.  In order to fix the former, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Find a reputable tool that is known to clean files leftover from driver tuners.  You can search for these on the Internet
  2. Uninstall your display drivers again
  3. Reboot your machine.  While booting up, hold F8 until prompted with the Windows Advanced Options menu.  Choose to enter Safe Mode. (Newer computers may require you to press F8 multiple times before being prompted)
  4. Once in Safe Mode, setup the program found in Step 1 to search for display drivers. Run the appropriate cleaning option.  Reopen the tool and make sure that no other display driver files are found
  5. Install the latest drivers that you downloaded earlier
  6. Reboot your machine and load Windows up normally
  7. Play Grand Theft Auto IV PC
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