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Loading Screen 'Hotfix' for GTA IV on PC

Question: Why is my game loading and loading, but never getting to Main Menu?

Answer: Prior to Title Update, there was a known issue where the game seemed to be loading for an extended duration after booting, but never actually loads into the Main Menu of the game.

This known issue MAY be fixed by performing the Hotfix, if you cannot update to version or later first:

  1. Open Notepad and create a 'New Document'’ 
  2. Add the following line (and no other text) on the first line: -novblank 
  3. Save the Document with the following name: commandline.txt 
  4. Copy this document to the 'root' Installation Folder for Grand Theft Auto IV PC
  5. Try launching the Game as normal to confirm if this Hotfix may have worked for you.

Note: If you are experiencing any problems, please make sure to update the game to the very latest version first, before you attempt an suggested 'Hotfix' solutions.

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