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Multiplayer information for GTA IV

Information on Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer modes

All of Liberty City is a playground for you to cause chaos with up to 31 of your friends, across an array of varied multiplayer games. There are 15 modes to choose from, including Party Mode, each with numerous options to help you tailor your experience any way you like.

One Man Army:
Mafiya Work
Car Jack City
GTA Race
Free Mode

Team Deathmatch
Team Mafiya Work
Team Car Jack City
Turf War
Cops 'n' Crooks

Hangman's NOOSE
Deal Breaker
Bomb da Base II

When you start to get really good, you can accumulate some bragging rights when your achievements are stored and documented in the Social Club. Get to be the best and you may receive some prizes from Rockstar in upcoming multiplayer tournaments.

Custom Match
Another exciting new feature to Grand Theft Auto IV PC is Custom Match. When you know which types of multiplayer matches you enjoy playing, you can select your options and search for lobbies that fit your criteria.

From the cell phone, you can now choose Quick Match, Create Match, or Custom Match. The interface for the Custom Match pops up in its own screen, similar to the lobby interface.

For detailed information on online multiplayer and Custom Match, including controls and options, please refer to the Multiplayer.pdf file included on your Grand Theft Auto IV game disc or view the NA_LAM_multiplayer_readme.pdf

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