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More Strippers

Dear Rockstar Games:
I live in Croatia so please don't mind my bad english. I have an idea and I would be glad that I get an answer. I and all the other player would be really glad that you add some more strippers in the strip club. Now there are just three strippers and they are Not that hot. IT would be so awesome that in the next update you add atleast two strippers like Cheetah and Juliet. Thank you and please mail me the answer on my email:


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Whoa, just whoa! All three are not that hot? You are joking right? Nikki is the hot one. The things I would do to her behind closed doors....I better keep it at that, keep my post clean.

However, you are right though that we need more strippers! We need at least one different one for each night of the week.

While we are on this subject, we need more hookers too. I can never find one when I need one!

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