Grand Theft Auto V (Story Mode)


Problems progressing in GTA V's story mode? This topic is for discussion of Single Player in GTA V, including bugs/glitches, problems progressing in missions, achievement/trophy issues, and more!

  • Vote-to-have-heist-content-in-Single-Player

    TheWayManLives 2157 votes 90 answers
  • GTA V on Laptop Issues - Intel + AMD

    alluzn 401 votes 2501 answers

    Yep, I'm having the same issue here, Intel + AMD combo laptop

    bigblucrayon 0 votes
  • GTA V Steam unlock time

    H4RDCORE44 249 votes 44 answers

    Every game developer today tells you when the game will be unlocked at the exact hour. Rockstar, you owe the PC community this knowledge with so little time remaining before release. Please do the right thing and post here when Steam players will...

    KuraiShidosha 0 votes
  • (GTA V PC) Game crashes when trying to shoot from a vehicle.

    Djsteelers 182 votes 277 answers

    I've located your ticket. One of our agents will be looking into this issue for you.

    Richard R. 0 votes

    hegedujd 167 votes 798 answers
  • Singler player issues since online update

    Bluejerk419 143 votes 152 answers

    +1 to this issue on PS3. Very frustrated at the minute!

    MarkTheDaemon 37 votes
  • GTAV PC found bugs.

    Devikiins 132 votes 17 answers

    When you get close to a window outdoors, do your reflections zoom out?

    ArKTisK 0 votes
  • GTA V PC Stutter Issue

    MrExt3rminat0R 139 votes 726 answers

    I am having the same issue and i have a rig which is above recommended. Even at the lowest settings there is no difference and stuttering continues.

    My specs:
    CPU: Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz
    GPU: Radeon HD 7870 XT Sapphire
    Windows 7 64bit

    piachu90 0 votes
  • Uncalculated risk (Dom last mission)

    Mic777Jackpot 138 votes 272 answers

    I'm pretty sure you have to phone him up.

    GimpyGimpGimp -53 votes
  • Проблема на ноутбуках с видеокартами AMD/Intel!

    lifeless1231 117 votes 18 answers
  • GTA V PC Crash during Blitz Play Heist

    FuturisticPhill 92 votes 212 answers

    I have the exact same problem with the mission.

    Stiku_fi 0 votes
  • No missions left after "Surveying The Score"

    Renzzo1305 96 votes 150 answers

    Same here. It looks like I should have switched to Michael once Trevor and Lester had finished surveying that hole from the chopper. Most walkthroughs that I have seen recently actually show people switching to Michael. I went all the way back to...

    Gazelle1602 17 votes
  • (PC) TrackIR support down the line?

    aLmAnZo 93 votes 38 answers

    Would be great if this were a priority.

    His_Shadow 0 votes
  • Обращение к Rockstar!

    lifeless1231 81 votes 6 answers

    парень тут всем пофиг я уже который день после выхода пишу сюда о своей ошибки и никто не отвечает

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  • GTA V Launcher has stopped working

    Wehberg 101 votes 390 answers

    same here

    tarikemre 0 votes
  • Cant play Offline now either

    mikeq672 59 votes 107 answers

    Frank and trevor are ok. Michel is blocked, I can not select him. I can not continue the story because I only missions for him! I thank you for your work but patch it!

    SilverKnave 7 votes
  • Loading Story Mode - Game closes, telling me I'm logged in elsewhere

    Synyzta 53 votes 166 answers

    I hate to have to do this, but it's going to get lost otherwise - bump.

    Synyzta 0 votes
  • Only 2-3 different cars spawning

    juhuu567 46 votes 87 answers

    Ditto, including wiping save data.

    ShakyTarantula 3 votes
  • First Person Toggle Walk

    Khaosmatical 45 votes 63 answers

    I have to agree here, the first person view makes the game even better but the fact that we need to run all the time breaks it. This should be easy to fix since all we really need here is a key to toggle walking/running while ingame.

    JoyStiicks 0 votes
  • No Main Missions

    MrParsnip 47 votes 115 answers

    Yup, same here. Tried everything and gave up late last night. I'm at exactly the same place as you, the Richards Majestic part. Hope this can be fixed.

    LeeDonel 8 votes
  • GTA 5 Story mode Error Phone freezes on screen when trying to check email app (ps3)

    V0n_Schmidt 45 votes 110 answers

    Happened to me too.

    Rockinmoroccan69 0 votes
  • Gta 5 ps4 R2 button wont fire. works fine on all other games

    Red_Knucklehead 53 votes 318 answers

    start the game back up many people have had the same issue i

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  • Непредвиденная ошибка

    amoor777 50 votes 33 answers

    ПРОБЛЕМА РЕШЕНА!!! Зашёл в папочку с ГТА, выразал оттуда папку "update". Удалил игру. Установил дистирибутив (установщик который предоставили для предварительного скачивания). Скопировал обратно папочку "update". Лаунчер докачал еще 352 метра и...

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  • How to fix ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT

    -PARASYTE- 52 votes 58 answers

    Trying to figure this out too. It tends to happen more to me when I'm in 1st person mode.

    virtualmatrix258 0 votes
  • "Failed zlib call. Please reboot or reinstall the game. PC

    tuunade98 46 votes 177 answers

    Just want to thank everyone for the help.
    I had already deleted the installation and started re downloading the 60gigs as instructed by good old Rockstar. Luckily I had made a backup of the files. Anyway the next morning woke up to the solution...

    Guitarstrung 0 votes
  • GTA V PC Crash to Desktop or will log me out when loading story mode

    raziel23x 41 votes 106 answers

    Looks like i got the same problem as you

    I get the following error.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: GTA5.exe
    Application Version: 1.0.323.1
    Application Timestamp: 5527f187
    Fault Module...

    Orillion 0 votes
  • Uncalculated Risk Dom Parachute Mission Wont Appear. Stuck at 99.5%

    DjVKNG 35 votes 53 answers

    It seems to be a glitch related to beginning the parachute missions after the game has been completed. I'm also at 99.5% and agree this needs more attention. I'm not going back to regather all the scraps, parts, jumps, etc (hours and hours of...

    exostar 8 votes
  • GTA V PC Freezing Issue

    shanebrierly 38 votes 205 answers

    Well GTA V does use alot of Graphic memory and the GTX 900 series does have some issues with vram as shown on youtube. I have a GTX 780 and it has not froze on me yet and GTA V is using about 2.4GB out of 3GB of its memory so I will test what your...

    Vicpdx17 0 votes
  • Missing "PlayGTAV.exe"/"GTA5.exe"

    QT-IP-42 49 votes 133 answers

    This solution from PC Gamer worked for me:

    Nothing happens when trying to start singleplayer or multiplayer
    This seems to be a problem affecting mobile GPUs. We've been unable to test it yet, but...

    Friendly_Ghost 0 votes
  • External Download For 5gb Day One PC Patch GTA V

    Skatie12 52 votes 129 answers

    this is voleing rediculous, all australian disc purchasses still havent got it yet, connection failing and speeds from 35kbps, to 100 going everywhere. get an external host or torrent version of this immediatly, havent been able to play since 10am...

    Sgtheadhole_X2 0 votes