Grand Theft Auto V (Story Mode)


Problems progressing in GTA V's story mode? This topic is for discussion of Single Player in GTA V, including bugs/glitches, problems progressing in missions, achievement/trophy issues, and more!

  • Singler player issues since online update

    Bluejerk419 111 votes 105 answers

    +1 to this issue on PS3. Very frustrated at the minute!

    MarkTheDaemon 37 votes
  • Uncalculated risk (Dom last mission)

    Mic777Jackpot 104 votes 212 answers

    I'm pretty sure you have to phone him up.

    GimpyGimpGimp -53 votes
  • No missions left after "Surveying The Score"

    Renzzo1305 93 votes 145 answers

    Same here. It looks like I should have switched to Michael once Trevor and Lester had finished surveying that hole from the chopper. Most walkthroughs that I have seen recently actually show people switching to Michael. I went all the way back to...

    Gazelle1602 17 votes
  • Cant play Offline now either

    mikeq672 52 votes 98 answers

    Frank and trevor are ok. Michel is blocked, I can not select him. I can not continue the story because I only missions for him! I thank you for your work but patch it!

    SilverKnave 7 votes
  • No Main Missions

    MrParsnip 46 votes 111 answers

    Yup, same here. Tried everything and gave up late last night. I'm at exactly the same place as you, the Richards Majestic part. Hope this can be fixed.

    LeeDonel 8 votes
  • Uncalculated Risk Dom Parachute Mission Wont Appear. Stuck at 99.5%

    DjVKNG 31 votes 43 answers

    It seems to be a glitch related to beginning the parachute missions after the game has been completed. I'm also at 99.5% and agree this needs more attention. I'm not going back to regather all the scraps, parts, jumps, etc (hours and hours of...

    exostar 8 votes
  • Only 2-3 different cars spawning

    juhuu567 31 votes 61 answers

    Ditto, including wiping save data.

    ShakyTarantula 3 votes
  • GTA 5 cannot load any saved game when connected to Internet and PSN

    Ant589932 24 votes 90 answers

    I have found the same issue.

    As in, I can boot up GTA V perfectly fine. But ever-since today, if I try to load a save data and am signed onto the PSN, the loading screen holds on the second loading slide forever (forcing me to press the PS...

    Xoelaraserizerer 0 votes
  • Can't progress in my story, at The Big Score.

    wreckonmix 21 votes 39 answers

    I am not able to proceed with the missions in the Big Score. I have seen online i am supposed to get a Drill, find a 4 seat getaway vehicle. I was able to choose which option (A: Obvious, B: Subtle) and choose my team. After that nothing shows up....

    thec10ne 3 votes
  • Skipped mission, now im on 68/69

    Haxxler 19 votes 50 answers

    Same problem too, can't do "the ballad of rocco".
    Hope Rockstar will do something about it.

    tititrix 4 votes
  • GTA V - STUCK without MISSIONS

    Aviad_Chai 28 votes 94 answers

    If you are stuck playing Franklin and only have the two Michael Missions showing up on your map, try this: Drive about a mile from Michael's house, set the waypoint on the Big M, then call a cab. When you're in the cab, press the button to skip...

    fatjackizback 12 votes
  • cell phone internet problem on GTA V

    duke1951 20 votes 156 answers

    unfortunately even if you delete the patch you will still be unable to access the internet properly. i got the bug on oct. 6th, and tried deleting the patch i had. didn't fix it. tried all subsequent updates, didn't fix it. none of my older...

    chriee 6 votes
  • gta v freeze & infinite loading screen

    Jlinplayer 15 votes 200 answers

    ATTENTION Hi everyone ! I created this post for nearly a month ago .... Haven't played since, have been stuck at the infinite loading screen.... i had restored filesystem and database and uninstalled the game and installed it again at least a...

    Jlinplayer 0 votes
  • Paparazzo - The Partnership does not become available

    N_8492_L 13 votes 49 answers

    I'm having the same issue. The paparazzo missions are all that I have left to do. I've gone to the location of the dumpster he is supposed to be in and still nothing happens.

    Turkiesandwich 4 votes
  • GLITCH - Stunt jumps read "undefined"

    Violetzoya 12 votes 30 answers

    2nd to last jump will say "undefined", after you complete it. Just go finish your last jump to get the achievement and there is no problem.

    devilkirby95 4 votes
  • Random Events won't trigger and S&F won't appear after Story Completed

    lightzout1 12 votes 14 answers

    I finished the game and started a new one to play again different choices. My random events dissapeared completely. I played the game normally up to half then i noticed no a single event spawned. After that I erased every saved game. Erased the...

    LoneWolfOrigin 0 votes
  • Car Spawning System Broken(again)

    Erased523 12 votes 41 answers

    This is normal. ;)

    Reticled 0 votes
  • Loading infinitely loading screen of GTA V

    SasukeGTAV 15 votes 77 answers

    Happened to me but i think i have worked around it for now. Delete the update on the ps3 data, load up the game and when it says update... don't, the game will then load, click online and update it that way:)

    WBaird7 1 vote
  • GTA V won't manually load save files if PS3 connected to internet

    PastorDylan 11 votes 41 answers

    If your DNS settings are on manual try changing back to automatic.

    Irruminati 0 votes
  • sounds effects are very low

    gt362gamer 10 votes 15 answers

    just play some gta 5 and change to la noire for example, the cars engine sounds are noticiable, the volume mix is good, because you can clearly hear the radio, the cars, and the pederstrians at the same time, while in gta 5 to hear clearly the car...

    gt362gamer 3 votes
  • Hidden Packages Missing & Don't Show Up In Locations They Should Be

    GunslingerRage 16 votes 33 answers

    Same problem on PS3

    jeffbaker199 3 votes
  • Vanilla Unicorn still glitched

    chimera518 10 votes 15 answers

    Yea it sucks, still locked for me too, but i think its a ps3 problem because all my friends that play/played on x360 didn't have this bug.

    @outlawshoes you need the strip club to complete 100%.

    Edurox 4 votes
  • Uncalculated Risk

    banelives 10 votes 30 answers

    Dude I've gone the answer for you, I had the same issue. but the scrapyard with Trevor after it spend some gameplay time around it. after a while "The Lost" will attack your business and you'll get a "P" icon on your map, go there, kill all of...

    vVvKoPiDoNvVv 3 votes
  • iFruit for Android is not compatible

    jessnic 12 votes 68 answers

    Why not put it on the Rockstar Social Club website?

    Aneoid 32 votes
  • Thank you for doing nothing to help those who CAN'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME

    Expede 15 votes 17 answers

    I have the same issue as you, Expede !
    I don't even understand how Rockstar missed that point when testing their game...

    • Aren't they supposed to test all configurations before releasing a game ?
    • If the did, couldn't they state on the game...
    RoyForever 1 vote
  • Los Santos Customs shop is not open.

    Shadowx0 9 votes 30 answers

    Same issue here.. Ever since the update Los Santos customs is no longer accessible. Neither are clothing stores, tattoo shops or hair dressers. It's quite annoying since I'm at a point in the game where I need to trick out cars for a big mission.

    brandy_bo_bandy 3 votes
  • Uncalculated Risk

    jezzamags 9 votes 6 answers

    I have the problem too, tried it with and without patch, the mission doesn't show up.

    Zongorillacska 2 votes
  • Traffic spawn bug

    onlywithnumbers 8 votes 4 answers

    Ppl had this before online according to forums. For me it started after trevor broke up with mrs madrazo. But I have played since release and completed the entire game once then started over in story mode, took my time to complete strangers and...

    juhuu567 1 vote
  • Uncalculated Risk Dom's last Mission Wont Appear. I'm Stuck at 99.5% Jesus Christ

    Zeecreeh 8 votes 10 answers
  • California lowrider / hydraulics DLC!!!!?

    FARO223 10 votes 16 answers

    Dear Rockstar Games,

    Please show us all some love and tell us whether or not you plan on releasing a DLC package that will enable us to by hydraulics at some point for all of these awesome old school classic cars you modeled in GTA V. I think I...

    billdaly111 0 votes