Changes to weapon wheel/inventory.


The weapon wheel is cluttered and constantly changing back to a weapon I dont want. Pistol when I want AP for example. If I drop guns my character just picks up new ones by himself. Also all guns cant even be dropped. I dont feel the need to have more then 1 weapon per slot with exception maybe for the heavy (RPG, Mini, G-launcher)


Make all the guns (sweeper, musket pistol) droppable and able to rebuy them once again or store them at apartment once you bought them.

Button prompt or a lock option for picking up guns found.

A inventory/pause option where you can click what weapons to be visible/selectable on your wheel.

Be able to set your favorite primary default weapons for each slot.

Be able to discard clothes/weapons not wanted at all anymore. At least from the press back/inventory since its gets cluttered with 1000 of masks and hats.


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