My car is destroyed and I can't Get it back

Chrome with bullet proof tires, top engine, Turbo, Transmission, xinion lights, racing breaks, side skirt and limo tainted windows. The only thing I didn't full uppgrade was armor for the car ( 60%).

I rang for my mechanic and I noticed it said Adder (Destroyed) so I thought my car must have gotten lost and I just called Mors Mutual Insurance and I would pay the Insurance fee and I would get my car back. However it just said "All Mors Mutual Operators are on Call right now please try again later".
I cant get through to Mors Mutual Insurance and my Mechanic just keep saying it is destroyed so I can't get my car back.

I paid $1 million from Legendarymotorsport. I am not too sure what to do any reply would be great


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Same here.. was playing last night.. bought a different property and poof 2 cars are missing and mechanic list doesn't show them. Also noticed if some noob blows up your car, you have to pay Mors Mutual Insurance now... Good job R* keep catering to the 'Bad Sports'


cars are un-insuring them selves ever since the shut down! always check to make sure your car has insurance on it before taking it out!

submit a tickett & good luck


@crow2485 Same here.. was playing last night.. bought a different property and poof 2 cars are missing and mechanic list doesn't show them. Also noticed if some noob blows up your car, you have to pay Mors Mutual Insurance now... Good job R* keep catering to the 'Bad Sports'

Honestly, i dont think Rockstar thoroughly thought out the negative effects the moneypocalypse would bring. Broke players dont pay insurance the news of this is flying pretty fast and crews have formed for the very sole task of insurance griefing. To be honest its very fun.


Same thing happened to me wtf. Some guy blew my car up and insurance wont pick up then i get another destroyed and call insurance and they only let me get 2nd car. The car some guy destroyed just stays as (destroyed) and insurance doesn't let me get it.


Same here! Lost 2 different vehicles in a couple hours of play! Please fix this rockstar! Awesome game other than that.


I'm having the same problem! Some jerk destroyed my car, Mors Mutual wont answer the phone, and I didn't receive a message that the offending player was charged for being a "bad sport". One more thing to add to the list of things that make the online experience annoying, and less fun to play!


I know it may not be an Entity or an Adder or something but i joined an online mission and a random player got in my car when i had Vehicle Access set to "No-One" and then some how blew my car up. It was a Sultan and mostly everything was Customized on it.. so i figured oh i just call Mors and get it back... Nope.. Cant reclaim it at all.... When i call my Mechanic it reads "Sultan (Destroyed) so yea.... R* please fix this problem asap!!! And on a side note.. for some reason I cant always call my Mechanic i dont know if thats normal now or what but if not please let me know! Thanks alot!!


Yeah I can't get my fully maxed out sultan back with bullet proof tires and ever thing I can't get my infernus fully maxed and my fully maxed rebel too.


I blew up my Schafter because it was sideways on a wall and couldn't flip over (which sucks). When I called Mors Mutual all the operators were busy. Now when I call my mechanic it says Schafter Destroyed... I know it had insurance so I don't see why I can't get a new one. I hope that I can get my car back soon.


I had my adder destroyed last night and when I ring my mechanic it tells me that its destroyed but when I ring MMI I get the message that all the operators are busy. Alot of money was spent on this car. Rockstar sort it out!!


I found the fix for this! Make a NEW CHARACTER, go through the tutorial scenes, do the first race, then switch back to your original character that you lost the car on.. call your mechanic and it should be there to select! worked for me after over 2 weeks of it saying my Adder was destroyed!


I lost both my adder and entity adder was chrome with green as the secondary color and my entity was green with light blue as the secondary and everything was maxed out so I would like them back please


omg that happened to me too on my sultan and my carboninzare and I cant get neither of them back


Hey, i had a similar scenario, thought it was a glitch but clearly a fault, I was driving my infernus with a buddy and thought id give him a go, well that was a bad idea, he put it into a swimming pool and destroyed it, I got a message on the screen saying next time I should insure my vehicle, but it was purchased for 440,000 and comes insured. Its on my mechanics list as destroyed but mors mutual wont answer me. Its fully tuned so basically lost a lot of money, not bothered about the money, I want my car back. No response from rockstar on here so hope they can fix it. Seems like they had everything right then it goes backwards the more they change. Please give me my car back, I love gta and just want what I own, not asking for much. It kinda deters you from wanting to spend real money when things like this happens. I did also shortly afterwards get kicked out of my own car and informed I wasnt myself so theres an additional fault for you. Please respond rockstar, its not just one person, I bet for everyone on here thats about a 100 people who didnt bother.....


Lost my fully uprgaded and insured XF Entity today, I've had this car for roughly 8 weeks and now all of a sudden the insurance is gone and it's lost forever? lulz R* I'm done, delete 2 characters and destroy my $1M car. No thank you sir. I'll stick to ghosts and arma3. "submit a ticket" and I get no legit response, try to call your support number "All circuits are busy" hang up. How does R* have street cred?!?!?! BECAUSE IGNORANT CHILDREN ARE THE #1 CONSUMER


I FOUND A FIX get ur mechanic to bring ur any car once u click to bring then hold select and then go to request personal vehicle and keep spamming it


the same ----- happened to me... my car blew up during a mission and of course so that i wouldn't waste time i didn't bother calling the insurance just yet i just hitched a ride with my team member. after the mission was over i couldn't get it back and i am so pissed. why the hell did i waste my damn time and money paying for an "insurance" that doesn't even work? wtf rockstar.


@Sgt.Scooter said Try destroying a second car, it should be reclaimable. 100% True. I got my fully customized entity back. LISTEN TO SGT.SCOOTER


i lost my karin futo. im collecting cars that similar to the turbo zords and that was my wind charger but i never took it out and its not in my garage yet i go to my career overview and it says i have it. yet i call moirs and it isnt on the list.


same entity and adder went. I did no money glitches and cant do sgt. scooters methods cuz i used another personal vehicle and the other method is not working for me :(


I had my Infernus was destroyed and when I called Mors Mutual Insurance to get my ride. And I can't get though to them and it was $440,00 car. I'm not gonna pay $440,000 to buy another car. R* needs to look into this. I never had this happen to me before.


I got the rancher xl and fully upgraded it and put insurance on it then i went out and it got blown up right away then i went to mors mutual and it wouldnt let me fix it?!?!?!?!?!?!whats the point of putting insurance on your car when it doesnt even work!!!!!!!!?????? FIX THIS NOW ROCKSTAR!!!!