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Hi, first of all I would like to say that I have done something wrong. And I know it's wrong. I recently saw my friend who is 734 rank in GTA online and I asked him how he did it, he told me something about changing my ps3 dns code. And he gave me a code. I didn't know if it was a hack or a glitch. But now I know. Anyways after I did the change I was playing GTA online and 1 player from no where gave me 10000000 as money. Then I was randomly robbing a store and I realized that it was a RP and Money glitch. But I have seen that Rockstar are planning on banding players who have done so. I KNOW I HAVE DOME WRONG BIT PLZ DONT BAND ME. This is the only game I play and I have never being a "bad sport" I'm sorry for doing this but plz help me. You can take all my money away and gimme back the money I had when I played fare and square. PLZ DONT BAND ME I BEG YOU. I love playing online on GTA V and hanging out with my friends. NOW I KNOW WHAT A FOOL I WAS TRYING TO BE LIKE MY FREIND.


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You didn't say a word until you realised you're going to get caught. Tough luck.
If they don't ban you ,at the least expect to lose all your stats & spend some time in the cheaters lobby.


@EVZtheHITMAN You didn't say a word until you realised you're going to get caught. Tough luck.<br>
If they don't ban you ,at the least expect to lose all your stats &amp; spend some time in the cheaters lobby.

You will probably get reset
To a level 1 and just yeah it sucks


no cheater lobby, ban is the only answer for hacking

i love how people come here now that they realize they're gonna be caught but its even funnier when they expect to be able to keep their original cash but have spent millions or billions of known hacked cash


This is like my story but I got banned because my friend hacked my server and I got rank 594 it was fun days with that account god mod,... The best cars tanks and... But thanks for not getting my money from because I buy money from the day that we can buy money now I starting to go from a new account and a new clean player to be like my other account that is rank 78


Who cares? Its a game not real life. Rockstar isnt going ban most people because it would be bad publicity. They think they losing money now just wait till they supposely start banning the people who got money. They going lose half their fan base. Dollars and sense rockstar isn't stupid because they don't want a crazy gamer coming to their office. I find it funny that most people who got money say they didn't want it but was complaining about not getting any money from the low paying mission. ROCKSTAR DON'T SELL A BROKE GAME AND GET MAD WHEN PEOPLE EXPOSE YOUR WEAKNESS. 5 YEARS AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GIVE FANS. JUST LIKE DUKE NUKEM.


GTA V was loosing people because they could not deliver heists, casino and false economy eg: Money, So people found away round it by doing the DNS CODE i know 75% of GTA V players have done the code and the other 25% just got money from the people using the DNS CODE and as for christmas day we got snow but only for 1 day GTA V or ROCKSTAR should of left snow on till the 5th when they have announced that they will take off the sessional items off on the 5th Januray now with all these rumours going around that they will probably get rested, banned or even in a cheaters pool they dont care. Even ROCKSTAR or GTA V have quoted the game has a realy bad economy. All ps3 games have been hacked but pacthed now because the people found away round it. So now the creators can make the game more better than a hack proff game.


lmfao wot the ----- i done it great fun baned me just made another and done it again rocktar can suck my left testicle people always will do things there not sposed to to thats wot makes it fun wheres my jet gone ya robbing gits !!!


It's spelt BAN not BAND, or you get BANNED. That was painful to read! From the level of you're spelling you don't even sound old enough to play the game. Cheaters and hackers deserve to get BANNED, period.